Infrared Saunas, Detox Spas, and the Best Spots for Colonics


When you’re trying to speed along a detox (or your digestive system just needs some help), the right help can speed the digestive system, make you feel infinitely better (caffeine withdrawal headaches are the worst), and help flush toxins faster.

Gravity East Village

515 E. 5th St., #1A, East Village | 212.388.9788

As its name implies, Gravity East Village specializes in gravity-based colonics, which means that the in-flow and out-flow of water is simultaneous. Gravity also has a far infrared sauna, which is a nice complement for a full detox.


508 E. 12th St., East Village | 212.777.4900

While hydrotherapy colonics are the specialty here, SanaVita also offers lymphatic massage, acupuncture, and Reiki. They even have an on-staff astrologer.


37 W. 46th St., Midtown | 212.575.1303

Treatments at this spa (complete with semi-kitsch treatment rooms) can border on the gruff side—a plus in our books: The massages, acupressure treatments, and body scrubs are intense enough to work any stress-related kinks right out. (Don't be surprised when the therapist walks on your back during a massage.) Plus, they have all the pools you need to further the detoxification process.

Aura Wellness Spa

49 W. 33rd St., Koreatown | 212.695.9559

Smack in the middle of Koreatown, this futuristic joint revolves around four grottoes, which light up an otherwise pitch black room. You'll find a jade, clay, and amethyst sauna, each infused with far infrared, along with a series of wet rooms for really, really, really good Korean scrubs. As a bonus, it's open from 10am to 2am.

Ilan Bohm, D.C., F.A.S.A.

635 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, Midtown | 212.277.4406

Dr. Ilan Bohm is our man and the founder of OIM, which advocates looking beyond—while still using—Western medicine for wellbeing. Keeping in mind that every patient is unique and not one-treatment-fits-all, Dr. Bohm sees patients on an individual level and aims to prevent rather than just treat illness by incorporating acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and chiropractic into any healthcare routine. They facilitate detoxes, and also offer hydrocolonic therapy.

Spa Castle NYC

131-10 11th Ave., College Point | 718.939.6300

This mini-chain of mega spas offers something called Sauna Valley: You’ll find every conceivable temple—gold, Himalayan Salt, infrared, far infrared, color therapy—and an equal number of pools to match. The Texas outpost is open 24-hours-a-day, while the Queens location is open from 6 a.m. to midnight, making this a fun pilgrimage (and a good girls-day activity). There’s an on-site cafeteria and even a kiddie pool.

The Ash Center

800A Fifth Ave., Ste. 205, Upper East Side | 917.382.3808

When it comes to integrative medicine, Dr. Richard Ash, who tragically passed away in 2015, has set up an enduring center in New York City, where you'll be shepherded through an extensive series of tests, after which they will create a totally customized, preventative, and restorative roadmap to optimum health. While it's not necessarily about detoxing, the steps to a healthier lifestyle often involve just that. They also perform chelation for those with heavy metal poisoning.

King Spa & Fitness

321 Commercial Ave., Palisades Park | 201.947.9955

New Yorkers make the pilgrimage across the George Washington bridge into the New Jersey Palisades for this 24-hour spa, and with good reason: With several floors offering a variety of spa and sauna options, from men and women-only whirlpools, to a traditional Korean Hwangtoh (Yellow Mud) Room, to an infrared sauna accommodating several people at a time, it’s the mother of all spa complexes. The Korean noodle bar and over-the-top kitschy decor—fake palms included—are the icing on the cake.

Upper West Side Yoga & Wellness

75B W. 85th St., Upper West Side | 212.595.2221

Beyond the extensive list of yoga classes offered by husband and wife Stephan Kolbert and Ingrid Marcroft and their team, UWS Yoga offers meditation classes and sessions in their infrared sauna. You have to pre-book, so try and snag an appointment right before or after a yoga or meditation session for an extra effective detox boost.