The Best (Healthy) Meal Delivery Companies

Just like anything else that’s inherently good for you, staying the course on the path to meeting healthful eating goals is hard work. The brilliance of meal delivery programs is that they make putting delicious food on the table as easy as ordering takeout—and in the age of Postmates, this crop of services has an edge: fewer decisions to make, and a greater dedication to your health. The ones below have healthy, organic, local, and diet-specific menus, with many offering detox-friendly options.


605 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood | 310.299.7691

Beaming is most famous for being a smoothie shop (the Rockstar is a goop staff favorite), but their whole-food cleanses are extraordinarily powerful. There are three-, four-, and five-day options available, and each day includes one of their super-food smoothies, followed by cold pressed juices, shots, and raw soups and salads. Their bride-to-be program gives brides (along with their grooms, bridesmaids, mothers) a clean countdown to the big day. Besides West Hollywood, there are locations in Santa Monica and Brentwood.

Kore Kitchen

We’ve been fans of Kore for years—you can test their Berry Mint Kiss smoothie recipe here, which was part of one of our annual detoxes. Their delivery service is everything you’d hope: vegan or sustainable meat options made with local and seasonal produce, all free of gluten, dairy, and processed ingredients. Their signature Kore Cleanse is whole-food based and filling, with each day’s menu incorporating a superfood smoothie and snack, vegan salad, vegetable soup, and evening teas. As an added bonus, you can upgrade any plan to include bone broth from Brothee.

Fitness Kitchen LA

Founded by a former marketing executive and his personal trainer, Fitness Kitchen LA is built to be a complementary, easy-to-execute nutrition plan for active people. Starting at $50 a day, they deliver three full meals and offer a few different programs (appropriately dubbed “trim,” “train,” and “maintain”) that customers can switch up according to their needs. The menu changes weekly, but the lineup always includes an approachable variety of classically healthy food: Favorite dishes include vegetable quiche with a rice crust, stuffed bell peppers with Spanish rice, filet mignon with horseradish and broccolini, and a farm vegetable salad with oven-roasted turkey.

Food Flo

Florence Betheau, a.k.a. Chef Flo, is a French chef who cooked in a classic French style—heavy on meat, eggs, and dairy—for years. After experiencing the positive effects of vegan and gluten-free recipes on herself and her autistic daughter, she started to drastically shift her style of cooking. Today, her seasonally grounded meal delivery is an LA favorite for making veganism easy (and delicious). Average dishes might include Indian curried butternut squash dal, Tex-Mex sweet-potato cakes with Moroccan tomato sauce, or vegetable gratin with mung beans; everything is comforting and incredibly flavorful.


This waitlist-only service has a loyal following, and it’s easy to see why: The menu is full of cleaned-up comfort foods, like vegan eggplant caponata made with basil pesto, broccolini, and pistachio parmesan, or Spanish chickpea paella. (Their desserts are amazing, too, with matcha chocolate collagen balls and paleo dark chocolate brownies with avocado frosting on the menu.) You can mix and match your proteins and sides, and arrange for portions to be big enough for two servings. Meals arrive in glass jars, which travel well, and they'll pick up for easy reuse. Delivery is available in central and West LA, as well as much of the Bay Area.


Kooshi lets you choose between paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, detox, and signature gluten-free options, with opt-in packages ranging from five to forty days. Delivered each morning, all meals are organic and gluten-free, with ingredients sourced from local farms and fisheries; a vegetarian dinner might include roasted spaghetti squash with seitan bolognese, garlic broccolini, and Parmigiano Reggiano (with a really good mint chocolate cookie for dessert).


Using organic, local ingredients—with all of their meals boasting an average of almost six different fruits and veggies—Thistle whips up colorful gluten- and dairy-free fare, with vegan options as well. We're partial to their “poke" bowl: marinated rainbow beets, togarashi-sprinkled brown rice, edamame, cucumber, and avocado sesame ginger dressing. House-made nut milks spiked with mushrooms, plus superfoods like maca, spirulina, and moringa take the menu to the next level. Local couriers deliver in SF and LA, and shipping is available to greater California and Nevada.

Model Meals

Model Meals is a lot of things at once: grain-free, Whole 30-compatible, local, and organic. (This is a good one if you're looking to avoid dairy and legumes entirely). Deliveries come on Sundays and Wednesdays, and you can easily customize your menu by simply choosing exactly what you want from the rotating list of paleo-friendly meals—plus, you can add Rx bars and other simple snacks to your cart, which really round the week out.