Best Places To Drink Outside


While cold-weather drinking is really more of a necessity (whisky=instant warmth), summertime boozing is a legitimate leisure activity best enjoyed al fresco. Here, the rooftops, backyard gardens, and patios that after a cocktail or three, can make the muggiest of concrete jungles feel like an oasis.

Cé La Vie

10 Bayfront Ave., Marina South | +65.6688.8868

The newly renamed Cé La Vie, which occupies the top floor of the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel, is just as impressive from the outside as it is from the inside. One of the most notable structures of Singapore's skyline, the hotel's three towers are connected at the top by an enormous canoe-shaped topper—and a giant infinity pool which stretches across the expanse. There are different areas for pool-time, eating dinner, or drinking at their club, which draws a big crowd.


Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Rd., 25th floor, Central | 852.2537.1388

The sprawling and always bustling Sevva takes up the entire top floor of the Landmark Prince building (which is, incidentally, a great spot for shopping—the three-floor flagship Chanel China store is there). The terrace wraps around the entire building, so you get a pretty epic view of the Hong Kong skyline in every direction. The signature cocktails are great on their own, but if dinner is wrapped, supplement with a slice of one of Ms. B's famous cakes.

The Pawn

62 Johnston Rd., Wan Chai | 852.2866.3444

Chef Tom Aikens (he is still the youngest British chef ever to have received a Michelin star—he got two when he was just 26) recently re-opened this spot—which occupies a former, multi-level pawn shop—and the newly designed building now features an excellent rooftop garden. Lush and airy but closed off enough to shield the madness of Hong Kong's streets, it's the ideal spot for digging into Aikens' sophisticated British menu (though the cocktails certainly don't disappoint, either).

Capital M

3/F, No. 2 Qianmen Pedestrian St., Dongcheng | +86.10.6702.2727

Located right in the middle of Beijing, Capital M is really all about the unrivaled view, including Tiananmen Square. You'll see brightly colored structures in the daytime, and buildings that are lit up on every tier at night. The menu is primarily European—on the weekends they offer tea and champagne.

Two Rooms

5F AO Building, 3-11-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Shibadaimon | +81.3.3498.0002

The décor at Two Rooms Bar & Grill was put together by 8 Inc., a San Francisco-based design firm that only works on cool projects. Case in point, this rooftop Tokyo bar and restaurant, where you'll find a sleek bar and lounge area that can only be accessed by crossing a bridge over a water terrace (which is basically an infinity-pool extension of their patio space). It pulls from from Tokyo's fashion world in the evenings for cocktails overlooking the city, but the brunch menu is pretty great, too.