Your Birthday Horoscope: Gemini

Written by: Hedy Noemi


Published on: May 18, 2023


Tel Aviv–based astrologer and psychic Hedy Noemi is the founder of Nymph of Neptune. She offers psychic readings, planetary birth chart analyses, and astrology-based life coaching in person or on Zoom. Here, she shares a birthday horoscope for Geminis.

Happy birthday, Gemini. Since April 2022, you have enjoyed Jupiter amplifying your sector of friends, community, and financial gains, which hopefully boosted your material confidence. Now the cosmos want you to turn your attention slightly inward: Jupiter has moved into your spiritual zone of rest, withdrawal, and the subconscious. This cycle comes around every 11 years and will last until the end of May 2024. This summer will still be packed with joy, though, while Venus and Mars move through your sectors of confidence and socializing. The year 2024 will see you back on the main stage, so use these next 12 months as time to rejuvenate your spirit.

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