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All You Need for a Year of Solid Home Workouts

Exercise equipment doesn’t have to be super fancy, overly complicated, or Bluetooth-enabled to be effective. Regardless of your fitness level, you can get a solid workout with a few functional tools, a killer playlist, and some willpower. What’s keeping us motivated these days is getting back to basics with lo-fi workouts and DIY routines that focus on the fundamentals for total-body toning. We’ve rounded up the tips and tools you need for mastering planks, squats, push-ups, crunches, and more—plus a supporting crew for postworkout recovery.


These classic hand weights have a grippy shell and an angular shape, so they don’t slip out of your hands or roll (and scratch) your floors. Even three-pound hand weights can be helpful for hitting arm, back, and core muscles.

  1. GAIAM Neoprene Hand Weights 3lb goop, $7
    GAIAM Neoprene Hand Weights, 3 lbs. goop, $7
    GAIAM Neoprene Hand Weights 5lb goop, $10
    GAIAM Neoprene Hand Weights, 5 lbs. goop, $10
    GAIAM Neoprene Hand Weights 10lb goop, $18
    GAIAM Neoprene Hand Weights, 10 lbs. goop, $18
  2. Bala The Power Ring goop, $85
    Bala The Power Ring goop, $85

    The Bala Power Ring is a sleek replacement for your old kettlebell. It weighs ten pounds and is amazingly easy to handle for kettlebell swings, core twists, and Pilates. It has even weight distribution so that it always feels balanced, and it’s made from recycled stainless steel wrapped in soft, nonslip silicone.

  3. Bala Weighted Wrist Bangles goop, $49
    Bala Weighted Wrist Bangles goop, $49

    These one-pound wrist or ankle weights—choose your own adventure—help you get more out jumping jacks, mountain climbers, scissor kicks, downward dogs, and walks around the block. And as Gerda Endemann, our senior director of science and research (and the most level-headed person we know), says, “Why wouldn’t you wear these whenever possible?”

  4. CW&T Forever Jump Rope goop, $75
    CW&T Forever Jump Rope goop, $75

    The last jump rope you’ll ever buy has aluminum handles that are sturdy, durable, and surprisingly lightweight. It’s engineered so the rope spins at just the right angle around you. And the leather cord has ten feet of slack to work with—trim and knot it to the perfect length.

  5. GAIAM Total Body Balance Ball Kit goop, $20
    GAIAM Total Body Balance Ball Kit goop, $20

    The best thing about a balance ball is that it’s so versatile: You can power up core work; build strength in your legs, glutes, arms, and back; or use it as a part-time desk chair for extra movement and stability as you tap away on your laptop.

  6. Drea Wheeler Resistance Bands goop, $40
    Drea Wheeler Resistance Bands goop, $40

    Whether you’re going low-intensity or all out with an HIIT routine, stretchy exercise bands are a favorite for adding extra resistance in leg workouts. The grey ones offer the lightest resistance and fit around the ankles for standing kickbacks (these work your glutes and hamstrings) or side leg lifts (to strengthen hip muscles). The pink and black are medium- and heavy-resistance bands that can be worn above the knees for lateral steps, squat jacks, and hip bridges. Plus, the bands tuck away in a drawer, which makes them both a space-saving and an effective workout tool.

  7. B Yoga Strength Sliders goop, $25
    B Yoga Strength Sliders goop, $25

    Sliders are a simple accessory for bodyweight workouts, especially when you want to build some fire in your core. Using them is simple: If you have carpet, face the hard side of the sliders down. If you have hard floors, soft side down. Then slide them around—under your hands or the balls of your feet, depending on the move—in mountain climbers, skater squats, and plank modifications.

  8. B Yoga B Mat Strong 6mm goop, $96
    B Yoga The B Mat – Strong 6mm goop, $96

    This mat has just the right amount of cushion—six millimeters—to feel good under your hands and feet without sacrificing stability. The textured surface has serious grip, so you’ll feel secure in downward-facing dog. But don’t limit yourself to yoga. This is a solid foundation for Pilates, HIIT, and whatever else you have going on.


  1. WTHN Acupressure Mat Set goop, $65
    WTHN Acupressure Mat Set goop, $78

    On the most basic level, all you need to do is lie down on this acupressure mat, relax, and let the tiny raised plastic points stimulate and soothe your body. But if you want to step it up a notch, there are a ton of positions to try that invigorate pressure points in the feet, arms, and hands.

  2. HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 goop, $500
    HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 goop, $500

    If you want a good sweat without the workout (we don’t blame you), this infrared sauna blanket with layers of amethyst, tourmaline, and charcoal has you covered. It’s especially great for loosening stiff muscles and giving you that just-out-of-the-steam-room glow.

  3. Therabody Wave Roller goop, $149
    Therabody Wave Roller goop, $149

    Take all the powerful mechanics and smart technology of a Theragun, pack it into a foam roller, and you’ve got Therabody’s new Wave Roller: a vibrating roller to help soothe muscle tension and help you recover postworkout. Each of the five vibration levels is whisper-quiet, and the dense foam hits just the right balance of firm and squishy. (For a non-techy option, go for the LoRox roller—it’s a full three feet long, giving you extra wiggle room during your rolling routine.)

  4. Pelvic Clock Pelvic Clock Exercise Device goop, $84
    Pelvic Clock Pelvic Clock Exercise Device goop, $84

    Former Olympic gymnastics coach Yana Blinova invented the Pelvic Clock Exercise Device to help people achieve flexibility, strength, and symmetry in the lower back, pelvic floor, and core—in order to prevent pain. You start by lying on your back and placing the Pelvic Clock under your pelvis. (Surprise.) Then you adjust the tilt of your hips until the device is level with the floor. From there, try rocking your hips from side to side or in a vertical line pointing up toward your head and down through to your toes. To help you make the most of the device, Blinova designed exercises for pelvic floor strength; tight hips, backs, and hip flexors; occasional sciatic trouble; pregnancy and postpartum; and core stability.

  5. goop Wellness High School Genes goop, $90/$75 with subscription
    goop Wellness High School Genes goop, $90/$75 with subscription

    Exercise is important—and so is giving your body the right vitamins and supplements. Our metabolism changes over time, and if you need a little extra support, this protocol is made for women who feel their body isn’t responding as it used to. If you’re not noticing changes even after working out and eating healthily, it might be time to try High School Genes, which supports healthy glucose and energy metabolism with ingredients like chromium, green tea, Chinese cinnamon, and alpha-lipoic acid.*

  6. Cure Hydration Ruby Riot Grapefruit 14ct Pouch goop, $25
    Cure Hydration Ruby Riot Grapefruit Daily Electrolyte Mix goop, $25

    Cure Hydration powders are formulated to replenish electrolytes lost during sweating or exercise better than water alone, using organic coconut water powder, pink Himalayan salt, and natural flavors. (Here, that’s grapefruit, orange, beet, and lemon juice.) It uses no added sugar or artificial sweeteners—just stevia and monk fruit extract. And it blends beautifully and easily with water with a simple shake or stir, but you could mix it into a smoothie, too.*

  7. Therabody Theragun Pro goop, $599
    Therabody Theragun Pro goop, $599

    No longer a secret: the life-changing qualities of a good percussive massager. The Theragun PRO has an ergonomic body you can grip from all sorts of angles, a swiveling head, six attachments for different parts of the body, a long battery life, and durable mechanics that will last well into the future.

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