A 30-Minute Low-Impact Pilates Class to Do at Home

Written by: Kelly Martin


Updated on: November 3, 2020

Lia Bartha, the creator of the low-impact workout B the Method, describes what she does as a kind of moving meditation. Bartha’s method is grounded in classical Pilates, trimmed down to include just one prop (a flexible stability ball you can hold in your hands), and designed to help her clients hit a state of total focus while building whole-body strength. And it works.

Bartha recorded this thirty-minute B the Method session to get our heart rates up—effectively but gently. She leads us through a series of Pilates-inspired movements, initially without equipment and then using her branded stability ball. The ball is for support and acts as a reminder to keep your muscles engaged; if you don’t have a ball, you can use a firm pillow, a folded blanket, or a yoga block as needed or simply go without.


  1. OPTP LoRox Body Sphere
    OPTP LoRox Body Sphere goop, $23

    A stability ball with just the right
    balance of support and squish.

  2. GAIAM Restore Ankle Weights
    GAIAM Restore Ankle Weights goop, $18

    For a little extra challenge, wrap
    these two-and-a-half-pound weights
    around your wrists or ankles.

  3. goop x SOMA goop Glass Water Bottle, 25 oz
    goop x SOMA goop Glass Water Bottle, 25 oz goop, $40

    Keep within reach: Hydration is key.

  4. B the Method B the Method Subscription
    B the Method B the Method Subscription B the Method, $18 a month
    or $160 a year

    Bartha’s app offers both livestreamed
    and on-demand classes.

  5. Manduka GRP Yoga Mat
    Manduka GRP Yoga Mat goop, $128

    A nonslip foundation with good
    cushion for support.