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goop Beauty Nourishing Repair Body Buttergoop Beauty Nourishing Repair Body Butter
goop BeautyNourishing Repair Body Butter
CA $88.00
This rich, luxurious, clinically tested supercream for body leaves skin ultramoisturized, silky-soft, smooth, firm, and toned.
Fur Ingrown DeodorantFur Ingrown Deodorant
FurIngrown Deodorant
CA $26.00
Glide on this citrusy deodorant to neutralize sweat and reduce the look of ingrown hairs.
MARA Algae + Moringa Sea Sculpt Body OilMARA Algae + Moringa Sea Sculpt Body Oil
This rich, nourishing oil leaves skin firmer, smoother, and velvety-soft.
These ultrasoft brushes are really fun to play with (and help develop motor skills).
This chic aluminum pump is full of rich cream to nourish and protect.
SIDIAThe Hand Exfoliant
CA $60.00
This plush, springy gel hand wash exfoliates, cleanses, and nourishes.
goop BeautyUltimate Dry Brush
CA $36.00
Sweeps away dead skin to reveal glowing and smooth skin.
The Organic PharmacyAdvanced Retinoid-like Body Oil
CA $113.00
Firm and brighten skin with this bakuchiol-infused body oil.
KORA OrganicsRenewing Hand and Body Wash
CA $68.00
Wash away the day with this herbaceous, replenishing shower gel.
This gentle exfoliating body treatment works overnight to leave skin petal-soft and glowing by morning.
Seed to SkinThe Balance
CA $103.00
From a spectacular organic farm, hotel, and spa in Tuscany, this luxurious, moisturizing shower oil lathers into a cleansing foam blooming with rose, mandarin, neroli, lavender, and geranium essential oils.
KORA OrganicsTurmeric Invigorating Body Scrub
CA $85.00
Made with rose hip seeds, aloe vera, and a sugar complex, this turmeric-infused exfoliant leaves skin silky, ultrasoft, and refreshed.
goop BeautyAfterglow Body Oil
CA $65.00
This rich, luxurious oil sinks in instantly; smells of ginger, violet, cedar, and vetiver; and leaves skin baby-soft, smooth, totally moisturized, and glowing.
$96 Value
goop BeautyThe Feel Fantastic Naked Kit
CA $95.00
Gwyneth’s two-step routine for baby-soft, smooth, ultrahydrated, glowing skin comes at a brilliant price when you buy the products together.
This invigorating, luxurious scrub and bodywash in one—the full-body version of our wildly popular GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator—exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes.
Tata HarperResurfacing Body Serum
CA $219.00
This silky, nourishing serum made with powerful plant-derived AHAs and antioxidants smooths and brightens for baby-soft skin and a full-body glow.
SaltyfaceTanning Foam
CA $88.00
This beautifully light tanning foam for body delivers the perfect color, doesn’t transfer, and comes in a chic glass pump.
HumanraceHumidifying Body Cream
CA $77.00
Dip into this gorgeously large tub of silky body lotion from the new sustainable line by Pharrell Williams and bathe your skin in firming, smoothing moisture.

Luxury Bath Products

Get the most of your "me-time" by elevating your shower (or bath!) regimen with luxury bath and body care products. Our curated collection includes amazing plant-based, totally nontoxic, super-rejuvenating miracle body care products we love, all in service of pressing the pause button. Shop our collection of the cleanest soaps, scrubs, bath soaks, lotions, creams, body oils and more.

Clean Bath Products & Body Care
Going clean with your every-time-you-shower, all-over-your-body essentials is a step that adds up quickly in terms of potential health benefits. Conventional shower gels, scrubs, hair products, and shaving creams can contain all manner of hormone disruptors, irritants, and other potentially toxic ingredients, so making the shift is absolutely worth it.

Goop's Clean Bath & Body Product Standard
At goop, we’ve created our own strict clean beauty standards of what we call clean beauty, which you’ll see in action in our own skin care lines, as well as in all the clean bath products sold here. Clean, for us, means that a product that is made without a long list of ingredients linked to harmful health effects, which can range from hormone disruption and skin cancer to plain old skin irritation. To name a few of the offenders we avoid: parabens, phthalates, PEGs, ethanolamines, chemical sunscreens, synthetic fragrance, BHT, and BHA.