October 2020

Just Like You

by Nick Hornby

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Why We Chose It

Clever, entertaining, funny, and keenly observed, Just Like You is an unexpected modern love story about a nearly divorced woman who goes off her script when she meets a man from the generation after hers. You read in part to see what will become of their relationship and what their next acts will look like. And also because Hornby is a master of dialogue, chemistry between characters, and social commentary in a way that feels pointed and true as well as optimistic. Take a sneak peak and get your copy today: You can see all retailers selling the hardcover, e-book, and audio editions here.

Just Like You by Nick Hornby

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Nick Hornby himself joined us for a virtual conversation.

About the Author

Nick Hornby is the author of seven other novels, including the bestsellers High Fidelity, About a Boy, and A Long Way Down, as well as several works of nonfiction, including Fever Pitch. He has written numerous award-winning screenplays for film and television, including An Education, Brooklyn, Wild, and most recently, State of the Union. He lives in London.

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A Q&A with Nick Hornby

What question did you want to answer in writing Just Like You?

How can we make connections in a world that is currently hopelessly and bitterly divided? How can we get around the sides of people and thus avoid butting heads?

Why do you prefer adapting another writer’s work for film and television, as opposed to your own books?

It takes a couple of years to write a book, and most films take four or five years to make. I don’t want to spend seven years working on the same material, not while I have other projects and ideas. I love adapting other people’s work. I am given glorious access to a head that isn’t my own. You can get fed up with your own head.

What are your favorite places to eat and drink in London?

I stay local! My pubs are the Bank of Friendship and the Highbury Barn, both in my neighborhood. And the local Vietnamese, Âu Lạc. I do like to eat at Shoreditch House, especially in the summer.

What’s the last book that made you laugh?

Two consecutive reads: Vendela Vida’s forthcoming novel We Run the Tides and Kevin Wilson’s Nothing to See Here.

A surprising thing about being a dad?

That teenagers are funny and interesting, not sulky and aggressive. Not all the time, anyway.



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