The Double-Cleanse for Instant Glow

The Double Cleanse for Instant Glow

We’d been somewhat skeptical over the double-cleansing craze—who needs more skin-care steps, really?—until some of us tried it. At goop HQ, editors started walking in with a truly next-level glow, and the rest of us demanded to know what was up. The secret formula, it turns out, is double cleansing with our Luminous Melting Cleanser plus our Instant Facial. The feedback so far is shockingly unanimous—some of the words bandied about in a recent staff meeting: “Luscious.” “Softening.” “Seriously brightening!” “Addicted.”

Here’s the thing: You can slather on all the supercharged, hero-ingredient-packed creams and serums you want, but all of it does little if your skin isn’t properly cleansed, and the several-times-a-week double cleanse turns out to be the gateway to gleamy, flawless skin.

First, the Luminous Melting Cleanser’s luxe blend of coconut oils, shea and cocoa-seed butters, and jojoba dissolves dirt, oil, and makeup, while simultaneously flooding skin with hydrating, complexion-brightening nutrients. It works gently without leaving skin feeling tight (conventional surfactant-based cleansers strip away skin’s lipids, causing irritation and dryness; they can also cause sebaceous glands to go into overdrive to overcompensate for the sudden dryness).

Smooth the cleanser onto dry skin, massage for a minute to get every bit of makeup off, and rinse with warm water, using the linen cloth that comes with it to wipe away residue. Now you’re ready for step two, the Exfoliating Instant Facial, a serious deep clean that purges skin of toxins so it’s healthier, smoother, and more luminescent. All five alpha hydroxy acids plus beta hydroxy acid sweep away pore-clogging oil and debris, while plant-based cellulose beads release revitalizing B5, leaving skin silky and noticeably glowier. Massage the facial onto just-cleansed skin, and wait until you feel the burn—really, your skin tingling, letting you know it’s time to wash off—which should happen in under two minutes. Rinse away and check your skin out in the mirror: The double-cleanse gleam is usually delightfully evident almost immediately. Know that any skin treatments you apply at this point will probably work a little more efficiently and that moisturizers and oils will sink in deeper. Depending on your skin, you can double cleanse several times a week—but even once a week will make a serious difference.

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