Clean Beauty Swap: Anne Keane

An Anne Keane sigh is invariably followed by either a wry, mysterious smile or helpless giggles; her air of affable bemusement contrasts with her subtle, impossible chic. The goop contributing editor has looked precisely the same since high school—except for a recent, dramatic new litheness that floored us all when she showed up in a short Louis Vuitton ensemble at one of our Road-to-Table dinners last summer. She’d always been in shape, but the new Anne is next-level fit. “It’s work,” she says, sighing/laughing. “I mean, what did I think it was going to be?”

Her beauty routine is minimal—and part-of-the-way clean. “I want to change everything over,” she says. “Tell me what I need!” A bunch of Anne’s essentials were clean; a bunch more we replaced with non-toxic options from the goop Clean Beauty Shop; below, her favorites—from her tried-and-true classics to her happy new discoveries:

GP & AK 20-odd years ago (looking much as they do today).

  • Anne Keanne: Clean Swap Tata Harper
    LIP AND CHEEK TINTgoop, $36

    “I love an easy stain with a little color that works for both lips and cheeks—this one has the cutest pot and it’s so easy to use.”

  • Anne Keanne: Clean Swap Goop by Juice Beauty

    “I love this. It’s just the ultimate: A super-thick, awesome moisturizing cream for overnight.”


“I get major acne on my forehead from working out so much.”


“I love to combine scented oils with unscented lotion—it feels good, and both the scent and the hydration really last.”


  • Anne Keanne: Clean Swap Intelligent Nutrients
    Renewing Oil SerumIntelligent Nutrients, $33

    “I use this on my face and neck. It smells great (light) and I love the idea that you can even drink it. (I have not actually tried to, though.)”

  • Anne Keanne: Clean Swap Rodin
    BODY CREAMgoop, $84

    I was using a hand lotion that turned out to be…full of chemicals. But this one is clean, smells amazing, and feels so soothing. It’s crazy-thick, so I put it on before bed. And I really like the old-school metal tube!”

  • Anne Keanne: Clean Swap Burt’s Bees
    Tinted Lip BalmBurt’s Bees, $5

    “I just use this constantly. It’s very light and sheer. Since I don’t really wear makeup, this is the most that happens, aside from occasional coverup when my skin is bad.

  • Anne Keanne: Clean Swap PLANT Apothecary
    Body Washgoop, $18

    “I’ve been known to decant products I like into different bottles if I hate the packaging, but this stuff is so cute and chic!”