The Beauty Editors Shop Valentine’s Day Gifts—by Love Language

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: February 1, 2024

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Whether it’s words of affirmation or acts of service you (or your SO, or your galentine, or your latest crush) most crave, our beauty editors shopped for presents to satisfy every single love language. For straight-up gifts people, there are some jaw-droppers, along with prewrapped all-time beauty bestsellers; for wordier types, presents that spell everything out in the most beguiling way; for the physical-touch contingent, gifts guaranteed to scratch any itch; and much, much more.

Receiving Gifts

If presents are your (or your recipient’s) thing, these are some showstoppers.

  1. Vyrao
    The Sixth
    goop, $220
    This shiny bauble of a bottle is like a permanent little gift that sits on the counter, ready to make your giftee smell unbelievably fantastic. Apple, basil, cypress, juniper, and wormwood are just a few of the ingredients that combine to create the sparkling, sophisticated, utterly unique scent, and each bottle also contains a crystal energized by a healer to cleanse and raise energy.
  2. Augustinus Bader
    The Rich Cream, 100mL
    goop, $540

    This much-obsessed-over supercream now comes double the size, making an already supremely giftable gift even more so. Ultramoisturizing, replenishing, smoothing, softening, and line-plumping, the cream is on just about everyone’s wish list—the extra-large bottle is just the icing on the cake.

  3. Crown Affair
    goop-Exclusive Crown Affair Set
    goop, $93
    Get this for anyone and you’re going to have to buy it as a present for yourself, too: The linen drawstring bag holds a full routine of four beloved hair essentials: full sizes of the gorgeously scented, shine-inducing bestselling shampoo and conditioner; a caramel-and-cream-striated wide-tooth comb; and a goop-exclusive pale-pink silk scrunchie.
  4. LYMA
    LYMA Laser Starter Kit
    goop, $2,695
    Now this is a gift—and it’s even more so at the moment, because the price of the legendary near-infrared laser includes deluxe mini sizes of the brand’s obsessed-over serum and cream (while supplies last). Together, the three make a routine that can really change the look of your skin, from firmness to wrinkles and more.

Acts of Service

An incredible massage has to be one of the best gifts there is—and help with a blow-dry is next-level.

    N.03 The Essential Soft Hair Brush
    goop, $158
    This ultrachic, beyond-French cherry-red brush makes brushing hair (your own or someone else’s) a sensual experience (and a shine-inducing one at that).
  2. Surya
    Rose Petal Abhyanga Massage & Body Oil
    goop, $98
    Steeped in rose petals, antioxidants, and saffron, this exquisite Ayurvedic oil takes the act of giving a massage to a new level. It smells as fantastic as it sounds and feels like heaven on your skin; according to Surya (one of our all-time favorite spas), roses work subtle heart magic.
  3. True Botanicals
    Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum
    goop, $90
    This serum performs its incredible service as you sleep: It’s made with something called Peptilium, which is clinically proven to work twice as fast as traditional retinol, minimizing the look of wrinkles and boosting glow in half the typical time, and without any skin sensitivity.
  4. ZUVI
    Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer
    goop, $349
    Whether or not your gift includes actual styling assistance, this ultralight infrared hair dryer makes creating any style a thousand times easier, minimizing heat damage and locking in moisture for shinier hair. Multiple attachments and styling modes make any look achievable, and it uses 60 percent less energy than a regular dryer without affecting drying speed.

Words of Affirmation

The gorgeous presents get your message across in no uncertain terms.

  1. goop x Prima
    Sex Gem Bath Soak for Sensual Pleasure & Awakening
    goop, $11.25
    This fizzing bath bomb—you can only get it here on goop—spells out a person’s hopes and dreams quite clearly; it’s also made with aphrodisiac cedar, goji, hempseed, cinnamon, and ginger oils to rouse the senses. And Epsom salts leave skin alluringly soft and silky after a long soak.
  2. The Maker
    Lover Eau de Parfum
    goop, $175
    From one of the sexiest hotels on the planet, this decidedly sexy perfume smells woody (sandalwood) and floral (jasmine, narcissus) and earthy-airy (fig, vetiver) all at once, and it’s one of those scents that mysteriously works on everyone, regardless of gender, style, or mood. And the name leaves your giftee with little question as to how you feel about them.
  3. Kate McLeod
    Heart Shaped Body Stone
    goop, $38
    Whomever you heart the most deserves this ingenious cocoa-butter bar, which slowly melts as you massage it on skin. It nourishes like crazy and comes in two incredible scents. The chocolate is rich and addictive, and the jasmine-sandalwood doubles as a delicate perfume. The pale-pink boxes, printed with flowers or chocolates, have space for a message, like an old-school Valentine’s card.
  4. Monika Blunder
    Kissen Lush Lipstick Crayon
    goop, $32
    Who doesn’t love a kiss, especially a lush one? This slightly deeper nude flatters just about everyone’s skin, and it feels so good going on, too. The richly pigmented, deeply moisturizing crayon works as a subtly gleamy lipstick, or it can be blotted to a more matte stain. Either way, it’s chic as hell.

Physical Touch

The ultimate feel-good gifts involve soft bristles and the smoothest silk.

  1. Solawave
    Radiant Renewal Red Light Skincare Wand
    goop, $169
    This brilliant does-it-all at-home facial device feels warm as you move it over your skin, and its flexible rotating tip massages even hard-to-reach spots easily. There are four separate settings—galvanic current, red-light therapy, vibrating facial massage, and therapeutic warmth for visibly smoother, softer, rejuvenated, refreshed skin. Three minutes per region, once a day, is all you need for gorgeous, healthy-looking skin.
  2. Slip
    Flora Scrunchie Set
    goop, $45
    There’s nothing like the way silk feels to the touch—and nothing like it for keeping your hair safe from damage, breakage, and the creases a typical elastic scrunchie might leave. This special-edition box contains six scrunchies made of the highest-grade long-fiber mulberry silk; the large one is printed with flowers, and the five small ones in pinks from deepest cherry to the palest shell.
  3. Manta
    Manta Hairbrush
    goop, $35
    This funny-looking brush feels so good in your hand and on your scalp that it’s hard to resist running it through your hair, even when you don’t need to. It molds to the shape of your hand and scalp, which creates less tension than a typical brush, minimizing damage to your hair. Its flexible bristles minimize snags and frizz and—did we mention?—feel incredible on your skin. Get the OG or the battery-powered massaging version; either way, all genders and all ages adore this brush.
  4. goop Beauty
    Ultimate Dry Brush
    goop, $25
    The benefits of dry brushing extend from the body to the psyche, and whomever you give this to will love you forever once they try it. Made of natural sisal, it’s got the perfect firm-but-not-too-firm bristles to exfoliate and energize, and a sleek long handle for hanging it elegantly by the shower (or sauna).

Quality Time

Slow beauty, from baths to at-home facials.

  1. Saint Jane
    Deep Sleep Magnesium Bath Salts
    goop, $58
    Taking the time—a good 20 minutes at least—for a deep, warm bath is an incredible gift to oneself. Add this mix of magnesium; extracts of jasmine, bergamot, and lavender; green tea and sweet almond oils; and peptides to the water and the magic intensifies for silky-soft skin and a supremely restful evening.
  2. goop Beauty
    Afterglow Body Oil
    goop, $48/$43 with subscription
    A long, luxurious massage is one of the best ways we know to spend time with someone. Use this oil spiked with ginger, violet, cedar, and vetiver to take the whole experience up a notch—it sinks in like a dream, smells and feels absolutely fantastic, and leaves your skin baby-soft and glowing.
  3. ZIIP
    goop, $399
    From legendary electrical aesthetician Melanie Simon, the ZIIP Halo takes time (four minutes a day), but the results—for laxity, breakouts, wrinkles, dullness, and more—are so worth it. The beloved (and recently retooled and improved) device combines nano- and microcurrent, uses a moisturizing conductive serum that’s a treatment in and of itself, and has preprogrammed treatments that are easy to navigate on your phone.
  4. Rahua
    Enchanted Island Body Glow Wash
    goop, $30
    For a person with very little time to spare, this tropical body cleanser made sustainably with ingredients from the Amazonian rainforest ensures that their shower will, in fact, be quality time. It nourishes and protects skin with hyaluronic acid, horsetail extract, achiote extract, guava, and coconut, so it both smells and feels amazing.