Red Light, Great Sex, and Lots of Serum: 10 Rules from a Beauty Editor with Amazing Skin

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: October 10, 2023

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Gwen Flamberg’s glowy, poreless skin is a powerful argument for adding (many) more steps into your routine. “I’m lucky,” says the executive editor of beauty and style at US Weekly, vice president of A360 Media, host of the Glam Squad Confidential podcast, and cohost of the Hot Hollywood celebrity news podcast. “I’m a beauty editor, so I get to try everything. But then I really stick to what works—I’ve always believed in a routine. Consistency is everything with skin; you have to commit.”

When Flamberg commits, she commits. “I use a lot of f*cking products,” says the 53-year-old, laughing. And either they really work, or she’s got some unstoppable genes: Stand next to her at a party and you’ll hear at least every other person asking her why her skin looks so good or how she gets her glow. “Some people just like to say they drink a lot of water,” she says. “I definitely drink a lot of water, but there’s more to it than that.”



  • They’re the most important thing people can do at home for their skin. I think the LYMA has made a huge difference in my skin, but it’s a lot: Ideally you do it 90 days in a row, at least 20 minutes a day, to start. It was hard, but I did it (mostly while watching MSNBC), and it was worth it. Now I do it less—three to five times a week. I put LYMA’s skin care on before I do it—the two steps, the serum and the cream.

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Afterward (or beforehand, if I need a little extra slip), I pat in face oil as a final step—I love Clark’s Botanicals jasmine oil.

I’m equally into the ZIIP; I use the new Halo. I do it three times a week, for 6 to 12 minutes, alternating between the Lift and Sculpt routine and the Instant Gratification, and one day a week I do Founder’s Favorite. The thing should have a cape: It does everything—wrinkles, of course, but for me it even helps with blackheads, pores, skin tone, all.

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Believe it or not, there’s a third device in my routine: a red-light mask, usually for about 10 minutes. When I use it, I notice I sleep better; I’m a big believer that during a deeper sleep, the skin repairs itself better and products work better. So I do it.

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I keep a jar of these eye patches next to my bed so I can put them on literally first thing. I roll over, put the patches on, and start scrolling: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, my email, and the New York Times mini crossword, then Wordle, then the news. Then I get up and peel off the patches.

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  • First thing in the a.m.—no makeup.

    I don’t wash my face with water—I live in a newfangled Tribeca building, but somehow my water has lots of metals. So I do the French-girl thing with micellar water—the Furtuna Skin one is my favorite, and I apply it with the micellar cloth from Burt’s Bees. I love the Plasma serum from Dr. Jason Diamond’s Metacine line: It’s supposed to mimic the aftereffects of his crazy facial, which involves microneedling and blood, so it’s this red serum that feels like water—and it goes into your skin in seconds. I put on face oil afterward. I love the Furtuna Skin oil—when I run out, I freak out. Another really good one is The Outset face oil.

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I don’t just do skin routines in the morning and evening. If I’m working at home, or right when I get home from work, I put on the amazing retinol serum from Dr. Augustinus Bader—usually a few hours before I use the LYMA skin care.

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And note about all these amazing active products: I use all of them all the way up to right around my eyes. You’re not supposed to, but I do. Last, all day I take care of my lips with the MACRENE lip balm-serum, morning, night, and all day long. It’s the best.

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I live in Tribeca, and I’ll walk all the way uptown to my mom’s house. A couple of days a week, I go urban trekking on the West Side Highway with Black Diamond walking poles, which work your upper body as you’re walking. I’m a fair-skinned redhead, so I’ve got to wear sunscreen all the time. I love the tinted SPF 30 from True Botanicals—it’s so silky.

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Skin care is fantastic, but the right makeup—I use only creams, never powders—really takes your skin to the next level. I start with the Westman Atelier tinted drops for allover glow, then use the Westman stick on top of that strategically, as concealer. It evens out my ruddy, pale skin. Then I put a little of the Super Loaded cream in Peau de Peche on my cheekbones and eyelids and sometimes even contour. Then I put the tiniest bit of the Super Loaded liquid (same shade) in my palm and smooth it at the top of my cheekbones, almost under my eyes, and dot some at my Cupid’s bow, and whatever I have left I put on my chest—it diffuses lines and evens texture.

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And I love Jones Road Miracle Balm, too—Tawny, Dusty Rose, and the new Happy Hour—I put a little dot at the center of the eyelids and on my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, neck, and chest. RMS makes great lip-cheek color, and then if I have an event where I really want to look my best, I smooth this Saie gel everywhere—face, arms, shoulders, décolletage—for a candlelit glow. It’s magic.





I’m a big believer in the connection between sexual wellness and beauty. I really think orgasms help keep everything young, including lady parts. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it makes no difference—it’s just self-care. These are some amazing essentials.

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I have no interest in a standard facial with steaming and extractions. My skin is too sensitive anyway. I don’t care about layers and layers of cream; I want hard-core bells and whistles—lights, camera, action, and major facial massage. So I want Lord Gavin or Ivan Pol (aka the Beauty Sandwich), both of whom I usually have to go to LA for.

When I’m in DC, I go to Sarah Akram. I also love Shani Darden in LA. She got me to use retinol religiously and got me into red light, and she now has a red-light bed in her beautiful space. She was the first one to explain it to me, and the rest is history.

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I use Botox and fillers more strategically at this point rather than going all out. I’m not a frowner—I’m a purser—so I have more lip lines than frown ones, so that’s where I concentrate.

In New York, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali at the Hudson Dermatology group does an incredible job—they do a long-term skin-aging assessment plan for you, and it’s really good. Dr. Macrene Alexiades is fantastic—I love her firming serum—and Dr. David Colbert. And Dr. Dara Liotta is a plastic surgeon who does great dermatology—plastic surgeons know how all the facial muscles work, which I think really helps.

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I’ve been working with Lia Bartha since before she invented The Method. I love how meditative it is: I feel like it calms down all the inflammation in my body and mind. I also go to NoFar Pilates—it’s a machine class, but you really do sweat.





Tilda Swinton once said to me that she guessed living in misty Scotland had some advantages for her skin—and I think it’s true! So I have a Canopy humidifier, and I run it every night while I sleep. I don’t take a ton of supplements, but I love the Broc Shot and the Elysium tomato supplement. And a Goli apple cider vinegar gummy or an 8Greens gummy (or both) is great after dinner.





  • I exercise, I drink a lot of water, and I have one cup of coffee, but Queen Elizabeth supposedly had two glasses of champagne a day, so I’m going with that.