True Botanicals At-Home Facialist Peel Review: goop Editors Are Obsessed

Written by: Emma Brophy


Published on: March 14, 2024


Emma Brophy

Assistant Beauty Editor

I used to love salon face peels for the noticeable glow and nearly invisible pores they gave me—until one left my skin looking like carpaccio. I coddled my skin back to health, and I’ve avoided peels since. But I missed the clear, radiant skin I used to get, so I decided to dip a toe back in with a peel I could do at home. I tried several, but then I tried this mint-green gel—and the results are every bit as good as I remember from the salon, without any of the irritation. It’s made with AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs, plus tranexamic acid, so it really exfoliates, while rosemary and electrolytes soothe and hydrate. I apply a thin layer once a week at night after cleansing and wait 15 minutes (it can tingle; that’s the acids working), then rinse with lukewarm water. I follow it with my serum and moisturizer and go to bed. After a month’s worth of treatments, my skin has never looked so good.

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