The Most Gorgeous Breakout Treatment Ever

It looks like a bottle of precious perfume, and it calms, treats, and prevents acne with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial azulene found in blue tansy oil. The idea of using an oil on oily skin might seem counterintuitive, but the right oils—in the case of this one from Herbivore (, $72), the blue tansy, jojoba, jasmine, coconut and rose, all of which treat oiliness and breakouts, rather than causing it—will make an incredible difference in your skin. Harsh, stripping chemicals can cause your skin produce more oil, not less; at the same time, they cause inflammation in skin, opening it up to further acne infection. This oil does precisely the opposite, moisturizing, reducing redness, clarifying, soothing, and balancing skin so it resists acne. For combination, oily, blemish-prone, or inflamed skin of any sort, this oil will leave you with the glow of a healthy complexion at last.

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