The 4 Best Clean Face Masks

Cared-for, optimum-condition skin is truly an everyday endeavor—making cleansing, treatment, and SPF as every bit as un-skip-able as brushing and flossing your teeth—that pays off stealthily, but significantly. Masks, which might seem to be more about short-term gains (glow, smoothness, pore-less-ness, hydration, breakout-calming) than the long game, can actually bring about serious long-term benefits when incorporated into a skincare routine on a regular basis.

Not that a mask isn’t a brilliant solution to most #hadit moments, from nerves and exhaustion to that moment you look in the mirror and think, “Something has got to give.” Either way, keep them (and we say them because masks are the one element in your skincare routine that it’s okay to switch up every once in awhile) on hand to solve problems both in the moment and long-term: Skin- or simply psyche-related, these clean, totally nontoxic and wildly effective all-stars really work. (Conventional masks rely on everything from plastics and silicones to hormone disruptors and known skin irritants to “treat” skin, so this category is one to totally detox and go clean with for sure.)

Moisturizing For plump, dewy, glowy, ultra-hydrated, healthier skin

The 10 Best Clean Face Masks

Tammy Fender Restorative Radiance Masque

goop, $235

You think of clay as drying, but this soothing rosewater/pink-clay concoction is ultra-moisturizing. It feels incredible going on, and your skin is left dewy, firm, and totally hydrated. Somehow detoxifying and totally moisturizing all at once—this is, like her and her spa, heaven.

Breakout-Obliterating For clear, poreless, balanced, glowy, even-toned skin

The 10 Best Clean Face Masks

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Correcting Masque

goop, $100

It starts out as a powder (a blend of raw cacao, bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, and spices), only releasing its potent healing elements once mixed with water. The resulting mousse heals blemishes, fights inflammation, encourages circulation, and visibly tightens pores pretty much instantly. Use Lindstrom’s facial treatment bowl and brush to mix the paste.

The 10 Best Clean Face Masks

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask

goop, $48

Clarify and calm skin with this gently exfoliating, anti-inflammatory mask. Blue tansy oil soothes inflammation; aloe leaf gently unclogs pores; and natural alpha-hydroxy and salicylic acids plus fruit enzymes gently resurface skin to leave it clear, practically poreless, smooth, soft, and refreshed.

Exfoliating For poreless, glowy, smooth, even-toned, better-functioning skin

The 10 Best Clean Face Masks

goop by Juice Beauty Instant Facial

goop, $125/$112 with subscription

The Exfoliating Instant Facial instantly brightens and softens skin to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion. Natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids sweep away dead skin cells; and plant-based cellulose beads exfoliate further, while releasing soothing vitamin B5, leaving skin supple, soft, and utterly revitalized. The Exfoliating Instant Facial is formulated with USDA-certified organic ingredients and contains approximately 86% total organic content.

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