New goopglow Glycolic Acid Peel

Go to Bed, Wake Up with Great Skin:
How to Use Our New Glycolic Acid Peel

One of the best things about working at goop is we get to try a lot of stuff. We’re a curious lot: One week we’re trying to connect with our own intuition with Laura Day; the next, we’re plunging into ice water with Wim Hof. And over the past month, a few of us—different ages, different skin types—got to test the new GOOPGLOW overnight peel.

Inspired by professional chemical peels, this intense exfoliating overnight acid peel refines, retexturizes, and brightens skin while you sleep. A powerful level (15%) of glycolic acid and potent fruit extracts (mango, banana, yellow mombin, and Australian kakadu plum) work together with naturally moisturizing hyaluronic acid so you wake up with fresh, soft, smooth, beautifully glowing skin.

You smooth it on with a new, dual-textured pad, and it’s especially brilliant on the face, neck, chest, and shoulders (where there’s typically the most
sun damage).

The peel is founded on the truth that no matter what your age or skin type, exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Dermatologists and aestheticians will tell you that regular exfoliation is the easiest, most efficient route to a clearer, more even complexion but that nutrients and hydration are also critical. The once-a-week peel pads deliver all three.

Here’s how it works: The pads are saturated in a glow-boosting blend of fruit extracts, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid. At 15% concentration, the glycolic acid is the game changer in the formula. It’s no joke—it’s really powerful stuff, so you don’t need to do the peel more than once a week.

We were more than psyched to try. We smoothed the pads over clean skin one night a week for a month. The pads are double-sided, with the softer side meant for the face and the more textured side for the neck, shoulders, and chest (or anywhere else you’d like to boost radiance). It really tingles when you first swipe it on, but the sensation fades. Once it’s on, you can just go to sleep and let it work its magic. (If you’ve got dry skin, you can apply moisturizer after a few minutes.)

In the morning, we woke up, rinsed, and—even after the first treatment—saw a noticeable difference in our skin. Each of us was glowier, smoother, and brighter. As the weeks went on, we wore less concealer (both breakouts and dark circles seemed to need less) and less makeup in general. And the comments, from coworkers and friends alike, were unanimous: “What are you doing with your skin?” “How do you get that glow?” “When can I get some?”

LAUREL STOVAL | VIP specialist

AGE: 32

SKIN TYPE: Combination

“My skin always acts up a few days before my period. These pads make a huge difference; I love how even and glowy my skin is for days after I use it. And you need to do it only once a week—I get a nice tingle and smooth out all the zones, and it makes my whole face brighter.”

ERIN COTTER | senior vice president of beauty

AGE: 45

SKIN TYPE: Combination/Dry

“I’ve got combination skin. We developed the pads to help with smoothing skin’s texture; using them regularly makes me feel like I don’t have to wear makeup. I like the more gauzy side for my neck, chest, and shoulders—the sun-damage triangle.”

MEGAN O’NEILL | senior beauty editor

AGE: 34


“This peel is thorough. I almost always have a blemish popping up somewhere, and I live in big, dirty New York City. The pads dissolve pollution and subway grime and everything else that’s clogging my pores. The glow you get—it’s for real. And they come packaged in individual sachets so I can travel easily with them.”