7 Beauty Essentials for a Spring Getaway

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Swiping on a great lipstick should feel as fantastic as the intended result looks. But for people with a soy allergy (it’s one of the most common allergies), an unsuspecting swipe of the wrong formula can feel awful, causing hives or splotchy redness or even a full-on anaphylactic reaction. Surprisingly, traces of soy are relatively common in both makeup and skin care, and it makes particular sense to be careful about the ingredient if you’ve got other allergies. “For patients who have known peanut and pollen allergies, soy allergies often coexist,” says Kathleen Cook Suozzi, MD, the director of the aesthetic dermatology program at the Yale School of Medicine. “They would be wise to be careful about beauty products that contain soy.”

In the clean world, there are some amazing lines that are totally soy-free, and even within lines that aren’t, there are star products that also happen to have no soy.

Favorites from 7 Soy-Free Lines We Love:

  1. Bonus: A Soy-Free
    goop-Favorite Fash Wash:


    Ursa Major
    Fantastic face wash
    goop, $28
  2. Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash
    Ursa Major
    Fantastic face wash
    goop, $28