How a Busy LA Designer and New Mom Fakes Looking Rested

Written by: Megan O’Neill


Published on: June 30, 2023


Hunting for the most romantic hotel on Anguilla? Or the chicest bistro for fondue in Aspen? Maybe you’re in the market for a new miracle-working serum, or outfit inspiration for a date night out? LA designer, entrepreneur, creative director, and model Rocky Barnes has all the answers (and more). Despite a temporary sleep deficit (she’s the mom of a one-year-old and a three-year-old), her glow is undeniable, and her eyes are sparkly and wide-awake. She chalks up her luminous skin to recent tweaks to her routine. “Clean beauty plays a big part in looking and feeling my best,” she says. “I first started reading the ingredients in my skin care when I was pregnant. Knowing products are safe for the whole family is super important to me now.” Here, a few of her secrets and tips for the freshest skin (and hair).

  • 1

    Fake Sleep with Depuffing Eye Masks

    goop Beauty Lift + Depuff Eye Masks, goop, $125/$112 with subscription

    “As a mom who never gets as much sleep as she needs, these are essential—my secret to looking rested.”

  • 2

    Exfoliate to Make Your Skin Care Work Harder

    goop Beauty Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator, goop, $125/$112 with subscription

    “I have super dry skin. I use this face polish a couple of times a week, and it makes a huge difference. It helps my serums really sink in to work to their full potential. Game-changing.”

  • 3

    Firm, Nourish, and Smooth with Serum

    OSEA Hyaluronic Sea Serum, OSEA, $88

    “For a moisture boost, I love the hyaluronic serum from OSEA. That brand really knows what they’re doing.”

  • 4

    Face Oil Makes Your Skin Glow

    True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil, goop, $110

    “I’ve tried many, many face oils, and this is one of my favorites—it gives you that perfect glazed look that we’re all trying to achieve. Plus, I love the texture and the fresh scent.”

  • 5

    Nourish Your Scalp for Shinier Hair

    goop Beauty Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo, goop, $55/$38 with subscription

    “This scrub with chunks of Himalayan salt is so good, even my husband, Matt, loves to steal it. A healthy scalp helps support healthy hair; giving attention to our scalp isn’t a trend.”