Ranavat Brightening Retinol Eye Cream Review: goop Editors Are Obsessed

Written by: Brianna Peters


Published on: March 28, 2024


Brianna Peters

Beauty Editor

I got the Glass Skin + Bright Eyes package for my 33rd birthday. Developed by top New York plastic surgeon Lara Devgan, MD for The Spa by Equinox Hotels, it involved a plumping, moisturizing, collagen-boosting facial where they microstamped hyaluronic acid into my skin and a radiofrequency treatment performed by New York–based optometrist Jennifer Tsai, OD, around the eyes to fight dark circles and fine lines. I walked out fresh, dewy, and luminous, but the biggest difference was my eyes: Where I’d normally see tired-looking skin and dark circles, I saw supple, radiant, smooth, wide-awake skin. I asked Dr. Tsai how to keep up the results at home. “Try retinol on your under-eyes,” she told me.

I started using this Creamsicle-colored eye cream the very next night. It’s made with both microencapsulated retinol and bakuchi seed (a one-two punch for wrinkles, dullness, and laxity), plus brightening saffron and soothing turmeric. I wouldn’t have thought my eyes could look any better, but they did: The skin underneath continues to look plumper, brighter, firmer, and smoother. One tiny pump does the trick for both eyes—you don’t need a lot to see the incredible results.

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