My Morning Routine

Skin Secrets from a Former Impact Investor with a New Business—and Baby

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: January 9, 2024

Photo courtesy of La Dichosa

We discovered Poetica at Il Buco Vita on a rainy afternoon last year in Amagansett and were immediately entranced by Tess Albrecht-Schmitz’s clean, exquisitely scented garment-care line. How the Australian-born impact investor pivoted from the finance world in London to the fashion world in New York involved getting a master’s at NYU in sustainable business models and having a passion for beautiful fragrances as well as clothes.

Albrecht-Schmitz has since become a mom, and her line has expanded to hand care. Her morning routine evolves with the needs of her company and her family but always includes some amazing skin essentials and moments of serious self-care.

4 a.m.

I recently gave birth to our first child, Maximilian, and he usually wakes around this time to feed. We share a morning cuddle from his nursery in our Chelsea apartment. It’s surprisingly calm; the city is finally quiet, and Max feels warm and smells like milk and honey. Then I’m (usually) back to sleep.

7 a.m.

I begin the day with a flat white coffee at our local neighborhood café. It’s usually a juggling act with the baby, my husband, Daniel, and our two Bernese mountain dogs in tow, but we all love the garden patio there, which offers a moment to sit in nature despite the city’s busy rhythms.

8 a.m.

Depending on Max’s nap schedule, once back at home I find a quiet moment to stretch and meditate. I love Fluidform’s 20-minute postpartum classes to gently build back strength. I close my practice with deep breathing exercises to ground me for the day ahead. I find the consistency of this self-care practice to be very calming, especially during times of change.

9 a.m.

I have a hot shower, another simple way to energize me after long nights with a newborn. I dry brush before to keep my skin soft.

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9:30 a.m.

After showering, I smooth on my Frankincense & Wild Mint Bath & Body Oil while my skin is still damp. The scent is incredibly fresh and restorative; an air of serenity fills the bathroom.

Then I focus on my face. I’ve loved Goldfaden MD’s Doctor’s Scrub for years; I use it regularly, especially in the winter, to gently exfoliate dry skin and even my lips.

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I love de Mamiel’s Winter Facial Oil and the monoi cream from Éminence to keep my skin tender in the cold weather.

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9:45 a.m.

For makeup, I keep it simple. I dash on Supergoop’s luminous mineral sunscreen, plus a brush of my favorite natural bronzer and a dab of mascara.

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11 a.m.

I’m currently working from home and taking most meetings virtually, but I still like to get dressed for work; it helps set me up for a productive day ahead. We recently did a collaboration with By Malene Birger for our botanical garment-care line, and I’m drawn to the ease of their cozy knit dresses, plus anything with buttons for breastfeeding. I must say, I’m also loving Bodily’s postpartum lingerie as I recover; the silky fabrics and high cuts feel both beautiful and healing.

I’ve been hand-washing Max’s onesies (and my nursing bras) with my Frankincense & Wild Mint Delicate Wash, cherishing its pH-balanced botanical formula and fresh, natural scent. I see laundry care as an extension of skin care, given that the cleaning products we use can influence skin comfort, and the act of caring for clothing can be a lovely expression of self-care.

Having a newborn also means a lot of washing my hands throughout the day, so I’m always reaching for our hypnotic Jasmine Grandiflor Hand Care Duet. Jasmine is a salve for dry skin, and it brings the scent of a heady summer’s garden inside.