Glowy Skin and No-Makeup Makeup for a Workout

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: March 3, 2023


Major makeup makes no sense when you’re working out, but what if you’re doing it in front of tens of thousands of people? Lia Bartha, who created B the Method as a low-impact workout to last a lifetime, switched from in-person classes to Instagram Live ones during the pandemic—and her workouts took off worldwide. The Hawaii native (who now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two young daughters) communicates with her relatively new and extremely enthusiastic audience through the classes, of course, and a brilliant monthly newsletter packed with recipes, tips, and more. Bartha uses mostly skin care (both inside and out) to get ready for class but adds skin-smoothing tinted moisturizer and a pop of color here and there.

  • 1

    Tower 28 Beauty SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation

    goop, $32

    I don’t love anything that looks or feels heavy on my face while I’m working—what I do love is the light coverage of this tinted sunscreen from Tower 28. I’ve been battling eczema this winter, and this feels so soothing on my skin (a lot of makeup exacerbates the problem). Plus, I never go anywhere without sun protection on my face.

  • 2

    goop Beauty GOOPGENES Lift + Depuff Eye Masks

    goop, $125/$112 with subscription

    On days I livestream on my app, my mornings almost always start with a cappuccino and these eye masks—the combination is the perfect concoction for an instant wake-up. I’ve had dark circles and bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember, so I’m always looking to depuff and brighten.

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    RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

    goop, $36

    My makeup routine is very simple and minimal, which is why I love RMS Lip2Cheek. It’s a blush and lip tint in one—I love the lightness of the cream, which helps me control how much or how little is applied. My hands-down favorite color is Spell.

  • 4

    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Morning Skin Superpower

    goop, $60/$55 with subscription

    Our bodies need to be properly hydrated to function at their best. I love this superpowder because it not only forces me to drink a huge glass of water but provides my body with a wide variety of antioxidants and nutrients to keep my skin healthy.* It also tastes really good—so it’s a no-brainer.

  • 5

    goop Beauty Phys. Ed. Recovery Bath Soak

    goop, $40

    Without fail, my muscles feel significantly less tired and overworked after a 30-minute soak in a warm bath with Phys. Ed. I spend many hours either on my feet or working out, so my body needs an Epsom salt bath at the end of the day. I find this ritual to be the absolute best way to relax and allow my body to recover.

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