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A Glowy
Face Oil and
Cleanser—in One

  • We fell in love with this incredible sea buckthorn face oil in great part because of its supersonic ’70s beach vibe. (We were familiar with sea buckthorn’s happy, sunny glow from drinking our favorite “vibration restorative tonic” at New York’s abcV restaurant, made with the citrusy-delicious antioxidant berry.) Sea buckthorn grows in the harsh altitudes of the Himalayas and is famous for its skin-coddling combination of fatty acids and vitamins; you can’t use the berries at full strength in either food or skin care unless you want to glow as if full-neon radioactive, but just a little is heaven—for both skin and the palate.

    Living Libations, a sustainable brand that doesn’t use botanicals that are endangered species or grown with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, has whipped sea buckthorn with organic tamanu, jojoba, and vetiver essential oils into a skin elixir as supremely nourishing as it is balancing. It’s excellent, mysteriously, for both dry and blemish-prone skin—and all skin types in between.

    Living Libations
    Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn
    goop, $31
  • The oil gives a fantastic glow and plumps your skin with moisture, leaving it supple, soft, and luminous. What’s crazy is that it’s equally amazing as a pore-refining cleanser: Massage it onto wet or dry skin and the jojoba, lavender, and palmarosa (a skin-rejuvenating grass known also as Indian geranium that smells gorgeously lemony and roselike) lift dirt and oil but help skin retain its natural moisture barrier. You then smooth off the oil with a soft, damp cloth.

    Depending on your skin type, you may or may not need more moisture, but it’s hard to resist an extra pump: It feels, smells, and looks so good. Either way, wait a few seconds before smoothing on SPF, makeup, or nighttime treatments (it’s just as fantastic day or night).

  • The multitasking oil also works as a plush body oil, so whether you’re a full-on product minimalist, simply looking to streamline your routine, or trying to pack light for your next weekend excursion, it’s a brilliant choice. And the glow (yours and the oil’s itself) just doesn’t stop.

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