The Snooze Button, 6 a.m. Pilates,
and a Body-Smoothing Secret
That Wakes You the Eff Up

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Alyssa Nelsen | creative copywriter

By 5:40 a.m., I’ve already hit snooze about five times. I dash to either MDR Pilates, BoxUnion, or Love Yoga for a class. I try to switch it up to keep things interesting.

After class, I make a pit stop at Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney in Venice to pick up coffee for my French press or, on lazy days, two almond milk lattes to go. My fiancé (I’m still getting used to that word) is still in bed, so I leave his caffeine fix on the dresser and head to the shower for some me time.

    RESURFACING BODY MASK True Botanicals, $48
  • Once a week, I take a few extra minutes to smooth on my newest obsession: a Resurfacing Body Mask from True Botanicals made with green tea and AHAs. The mask smells amazing (sandalwood, orange peel), and it glides on easily and dries superfast. I leave it on for five minutes, then jump in the shower. Exfoliating is still on my mind, so I work goop’s Instant Facial into my face until it tingles. For me, the burning feeling signals that it’s doing its thing.

  • Post-shower, I rub in the second half of the True Botanicals body treatment: the Pure Radiance Body Oil, also made with green tea. It has the softest woodsy scent and sinks in seamlessly. It doesn’t feel oily-oily; it just leaves my skin feeling dewy, like I spent all day at the beach. I get an almost sun-kissed, luminous effect without ever having to leave my bathroom. (Score!)

  • My Morning Routine
  • Alyssa Nelsen Morning Routine
  • I wrap myself in my big white robe and plop down in front of my vanity. I start with a generous sprinkle of Vitamin C Booster in my palm, which—side note—was my first goop clean beauty shop purchase after hearing our beauty director rave about it. I mix the powder with a couple drops of Rodin’s Luxury Face Oil and smooth it upward, against gravity, around my face, to satisfyingly dewy results. Next, adhering to the lightest-to-heaviest rule, I put on a bit of Ursa Major’s SPF moisturizer. I stopped wearing mascara years ago because my eyes are like leaky water faucets, so I go for a low-key no-makeup makeup look: a smudge of RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer, concealer where needed, and a swipe of brow mascara.

Finally, a little reassuring ritual I never miss: I dab a few drops of ylang-ylang on my wrists and neck. I’m obsessed with essential oils, and the lingering earthy scent of this one is sooo good.

  • After I get dressed, I’m back to the kitchen to whip up not one but two beverages to take into traffic with me: The first is a smoothie with organic blueberries, banana, sunflower butter, spinach, goji berries, protein powder, and a hemp/chia seed blend. I pour it into my favorite reusable rose-gold keg/Solo cup and drink it with a stainless steel straw, so as not to contribute to plastic pollution. For my second drink, I empty a packet of goopglow into my Glacce bottle, shake, and sip it throughout the morning to soak up all the juicy, skin-boosting goodness as I peck away at my keyboard.

  • Alyssa Nelsen Morning Routine