My Morning Routine
My Morning Routine

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| founder of HBFIT and entrepreneur

I don’t wake up at the same time every day—it depends on how late I got to bed the previous night. (Some nights I’m out late DJing, others I’m in early. And I travel a lot, too.) But either way, no matter where I am, when I’m up, I’m up: I’m the kind of person who’s jumping out of bed and can’t wait to start the day. I’m never lying around unless it’s the weekend. (It’s actually hard for me to get tired in the evenings, too. I just have a lot of energy.)

My husband’s the same way—except he’s usually up before me and already showered and out the door before I’ve even put on my eye cream—but we share offices, so we do see plenty of each other during the day.

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  • The first thing I do when I wake up is go down to the kitchen and pour myself a big glass of water—and now, I’ve been mixing goopglow powder into it. I like knowing that I’m doing something good for myself right from the start of my day. The huge glass of water is a big help on its own, but taking in great nutrients geared toward my skin is just amazing. I mix the powder in and it makes the water taste delicious—so good.

  • My Morning Routine
  • Sometimes I run out to the gym right away. If so, I do the following routine once I get home; if not, I go right into it:

    I turn on the kettle, and while I wait for it to boil, I jump in the shower. I really love Cane + Austin body wash—I work out a lot, so I’m constantly in sports bras, and this stuff helps keep my skin clear. I alternate with Ren’s anti-fatigue body wash, the aromatherapy elements smell and feel really good.

    I’m on a curly hair journey right now, trying to understand, once and for all, what works best for my hair. I have different options in my rotation: Product from Vernon François, Living proof., It’s A 10…like I said, it’s a journey.

I wash my face with the Pekee bar from Drunk Elephant (I love all of their face bars, but I use Pekee the most). I’m also really into the Alpha Beta Glow Pads from Dr. Dennis Gross, I think they help with hyperpigmentation. Then I apply a serum, which I switch up depending on the weather. My favorite is the hyaluronic acid serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm, though I also like one from a brand called Consonants and the Clearing Serum from Kypris. To finish, I like Dr. Sturm’s face cream—and her blood cream! And I love the eye cream from goop by Juice Beauty, actually, it’s good day or night. Another great cream is 37 Actives by Dr. Macrene—she’s my dermatologist and absolutely amazing—I’m obsessed with her.

I stay in my robe to let stuff sink in and go back to the kitchen for my morning drink. Like everything, I like to change it up—I love variety, it’s pretty much my ethos in life. So I have three different morning drink derivatives: The first is dandelion-root powder, the second is matcha, and the third is a chai; I make them all Bulletproof-style. I think MCT oil is the bomb dot com, it keeps my brain on fuego all day. I’m the quintessential multitasker and I feel like MCT oil is the key to getting it all done. I mix two cups of hot water with whichever powder I’m feeling that day, along with adaptogenic herbs (depending on how I’m feeling and the flavor profile I’m looking for that day) plus one tablespoon of MCT oil, and blend it all in my Vitamix until it’s frothy, delicious, creamy, and smooth.

I drink a little while I get dressed, but here’s the thing: I invested in to-go cups! I realized that I don’t want to spend money on a drink that no one knows how to make for me, but I also need to be out the door, so I pour my perfect morning drink into my to-go cup and I’m off!