my morning routine

DMs in Bed, a Long Walk,
Happy Dogs, and Great Coffee

Katie Sturino | founder, The12ishStyle and Megababe

I’m not saying I have a really great morning routine, but I’ll tell you like it is: I’m a very morning person. I wake early, and I’m just very excited about the day. My job is pretty much everything I love, so I’m almost always looking forward to it.

  • 6 a.m.: I lie in bed and answer messages from readers of my blog, The12ishStyle, and from customers of my beauty line, Megababe, for about an hour. The messages range from “I can’t find the shoes you’re wearing” to beautiful stories of people learning to accept their bodies. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the comments and direct messages I get are positive, and I love to give back into that.

  • Twice a week, I interrupt my DMs for an online meditation with David Ji from the Chopra Center for twelve to twenty minutes.

  • I don’t typically wash my face in the mornings: I go straight to face oil, either Vintner’s Daughter or the rose oil from Odièle. I let it sink in, and I feel like my skin’s a little glowier for the day.

  • Vintner’s Daughter,Active Botanical Serum Vintner’s Daughter,Active Botanical Serum Vintner’s Daughter ACTIVE BOTANICAL SERUM goop, $185
  • 7 a.m.: Before I go out into the world, I swipe on a little Thigh Rescue if I’m wearing a skirt with no tights—which is to say, a lot of the time, especially with climate change. I start every day walking my two dogs, Muppet and Cheese, for about forty minutes. They are both of course rescue dogs—I got really into puppy mill awareness when I rescued Muppet in 2010. Then I rescued Toast, who became an Instagram sensation, got married on The Real Housewives, and wrote a book with Harper Collins (he died almost a year ago). I try to educate people about why puppy mills are factory farming but for pets—it’s important! Don’t buy a dog in a pet store or online! Adopt! I adopted two of my dogs from the North Shore Animal League, and I work with the Humane Society and couple other organizations.

  • Megababe, Thigh Rescue, goop, $14 Megababe THIGH RESCUE goop, $14
  • On the walk, we get coffee at the High Line Hotel, and I listen to podcasts—I’m a goop superfan, and I just finished the GP/Julia Roberts interview, and I was so affected by it. I also love the NPR and BBC podcasts; if I get the BBC in the morning, I get a global view for the day and feel smarter than everyone.

  • Katie Sturino walking her dog
  • 7:40 a.m.: Back from walking the dogs, I start working. That’s when my brain is freshest. As I’m catching up on more DMs, email, and the rest, I have something of a breakfast. I love GOOPGLOW—it tastes so good, and I like that it’s a way to get vitamins into my mouth without actually having to take vitamins. The act of taking vitamins is too much for me for some reason, so I drink them at my computer.

  • goop Wellness, goopglow, goop, $60 goop Wellness goopglow goop, $60
  • I love Daily Harvest shakes, which is what I have next. Because they’ve done the thinking (and the making, and the delivering), I can make well-thought-out food choices. As a company, they’re just absolutely crazy about finding the most nutrient-dense foods, so I know I’m doing something good for my body. And the shakes are delicious.

  • Daily harvest cup in hand
  • I work a little, do stuff around the house, work a little more, all morning long. By afternoon, I’m more out in the world. If I’ve got a shoot or a big meeting, I use a little undereye concealer, eyeliner, cheek tint, and a great lipstick from Rodin.

  • I’ll either shower or use Megababe Bust Dust as dry shampoo—I recently forgot my dry shampoo on a trip, and I thought, well, Bust Dust is made with cornstarch and dry shampoo is made with cornstarch, and it turned out the Bust Dust filled in brilliantly. (Pro tip: Bust Dust is also great in your shoes or on the subway in the summertime.)

  • Megababe, Bust Dust, goop, $16 Megababe BUST DUST goop, $16