Hello, My Age Is: 64

Monica Rich Kosann Loves a Secret—and a Cult Face Cream

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: February 27, 2024


Age—on many levels—always held a particular fascination for photographer and jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann. As a teenager, she looked young enough that her mother bought her children’s lift tickets, a great humiliation at the time. “Everyone would say, “One day you’ll appreciate looking so young,’ but here I was just trying to feel grown-up,” she says. “I was into boys, what can I say? I was mortified.”

As a photographer, Kosann has always been driven by the idea of capturing a moment in time rather than a moment of perfection. “I love people to remain as they are: natural,” she says. “Maybe they reveal a bit of their story along the way.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kosann also loves rummaging through flea markets and antiques shops in search of beautiful old things—especially vintage jewelry and, most especially, old lockets. “Lockets are the sexiest piece of jewelry a woman can wear. They hold her secrets,” she says. “But no one was doing them in a modern way.”

So Kosann created decidedly modern lockets and jewelry that her clients now love to slip photographs into. Having a secret worn so close, she hopes, inspires the wearer to feel confident. “To feel brave—that creates a type of beauty, doesn’t it?” she says.

Confidence has been the key for Kosann’s own journey through aging. “As I got older, I felt more in control,” she says. “Sometimes when you’re young, you care too much about what others think—now I don’t really care about people’s opinions! After I hit 50, I truly became comfortable in my own skin.” Here, some of her most powerful advice for feeling and looking—and living—your very best.



I was totally into creams and serums at an early age, but as I got older, my routine became much simpler: Retinol and moisturizer are about all I use now. About two years ago, I discovered Augustinus Bader’s products. The Rich Cream—love! I use it each night after cleansing. It’s super simple, one step, and does the trick. I also love the eyelash and brow serum, and I use The Retinol Serum three times a week.

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I drink a lot of water every day, and I’m a big believer in a daily cup of tea. I’m also into the Vintner’s Daughter serum. You just pat it on and your skin feels great. It’s especially good for skiers and cold weather.

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I can’t begin to tell you how important it is. All my friends were baking on the beach when we were young, and I was the one under an umbrella wearing a hat. I do love sunscreen, and I usually carry a tube of it in my car, then one in my bag. I also keep one at home.


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I walk as much as I can—I sneak my steps into my work schedule, walking to meetings and lunches. I try to do Pilates twice a week, and I hop on the Peloton occasionally to get a good sweat going. But watching my three grandsons (all under five) is the best cardio, between lifting them into the crib and chasing them around.

I discovered this body serum at a spa on vacation once, and I love it. I take baths year-round—they really relax me—and I highly recommend these Saint Jane salts. And after my bath, I love this goop body oil—it’s great.

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I have lots of salads and protein. My vices are potato chips, fries, and Chardonnay, but everything in moderation, as they say.





Special pieces are meant to empower you and make you feel more beautiful—it’s all about how something makes you feel. I’m from the generation where you would never walk out of the house without blush or lip gloss, so I still do that unless I’m going to work out.

The Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm is my go-to—not one color in particular, so I mix them up. Then for a quick jolt for my skin, I love Westman Baby Cheeks. And for lipstick, I love to use my finger and blend all the colors in this lip compact—it’s just a great basic.

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Believe in yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than a strong, kind, confident woman. I always tell my daughters that beauty comes from within; it makes you glow.