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6 Ultramoisturizing
Ways to
Through Winter

Just as we like to cocoon ourselves in layers of cashmere and fleece before venturing out into the cold, our skin also needs extra protection during the winter. And it’s not just the drop in temperature that causes problems. The drying effects of indoor heat, the need to adjust between outdoor and indoor climates—they all take a toll on skin. Without the help of moisturizer, dry skin doesn’t just feel bad; it can even look more wrinkled than it would otherwise.

Super nourishing oils, thick balms, and emollient creams are of course the answer. And making sure they’re completely clean and nontoxic is especially important when the goal is deep, transformative hydration. Conventional moisturizers are often made with thickeners, texturizers, and binders to make them feel humectant, but ironically, they don’t actually do anything for skin. In contrast, clean formulas nourish and replenish with powerful botanicals to improve how skin looks and feels.

The six essentials below each work brilliantly on their own to ultramoisturize skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day, but as with winter outfits, layering different formulas can pile on the benefits. Find your own routine and stick to it—coddling your skin on a regular basis keeps it healthy, smoothed, plumped, and glowy, whether you’re braving a stiff wind on your morning commute, facing alpine squalls as you’re speeding down the slopes, or simply staring in the mirror and wishing to (temporarily) tone down a few wrinkles and amp up your glow.




De Mamiel’s exquisite, seasonal oils are sent out four times a year—they are beyond fantastic and simply must be tried. Attuned to your skin’s shifting needs as the seasons change, they feel and smell incredible, they hydrate intensively, and the transformative results speak for themselves.

This one, hand-blended in time for the equinox on December 22, is infused with nourishing and aromatic essential oils, fruit and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to smooth dull, tired winter skin. Seasonal face oils are the basis of the de Mamiel line; winter, Annee de Mamiel explains, is the time for deep rest to replenish and renew the spirit, and to cosset and feed the skin: “Winter highlights the water element, which provides deep nourishment for life, birth, and growth,” she says.

de Mamiel Winter Facial Oil goop, $130

de Mamiel Winter Facial Oil



Wild-crafted with high-altitude plants, this supermoisturizer is rich enough for the very driest skin, yet it’s whipped, so it sinks in instantly and feels absolutely incredible. Seven powerful hydrators—hyaluronic acid, ceramides, olive fruit oil, linoleic acid, coconut, apricot kernel oil, and squalene—brilliantly combine with antioxidants and aloe vera to support skin health. Bakuchiol, a plant prized in Ayurvedic tradition, and tripeptide-29 smooth, plump, and revive the appearance of skin over time.

Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer goop, $60

Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer



The texture of this meltingly fabulous balm is exquisite; the subtle scent is so gorgeous you just want to keep putting it on. Made with shea butter, coconut oil, and rose hip oil, along with the honey and rose, it leaves your skin ultrahydrated, soft, plumped, and radiant. It’s made for the face, but you’ll be tempted use it on cuticles, lips—anywhere needing serious indulgence.

Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm goop, $65

Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm



This brilliant balm—a combination of coconut oil, rose hip, calendula, and noni fruit extract—melts into a super nourishing face oil as you glide the stick across your skin. It’s great alone or as a step before makeup, and it can also be used in place of a highlighter for a dewy finish.

Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Balm goop, $38

Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Balm




The love child of a super hydrating day cream, a serious SPF, and a potent serum, this nourishing moisturizer protects from UVA and UVB rays while rejuvenating skin. There are four hydrating oils—argan, apricot, avocado, and jojoba—plus glycerin to soften and further moisturize skin. Antioxidant astaxanthin, green tea, red raspberry, rosemary, and vitamin E soothe and even skin tone. It feels incredible, sinks in instantly, and leaves skin healthy, glowing, and protected.

Vive Sana Serum Crema SPF 20 goop, $75

Vive Sana Serum Crema SPF 20



Winner of an Allure 2017 Best of Beauty Award, our Replenishing Night Cream is a luxurious, highly active night cream that works to plump, brighten, and firm skin overnight. The nourishing formula visibly improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and increases luminosity for a noticeable, healthy glow. Sandalwood nut oil helps to increase elasticity, while linseed extract and hyaluronic acid hydrate, lift and firm. The Replenishing Night Cream is formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients and contains approximately 79 percent total organic content.

goop by Juice Beauty Replenishing Night Cream goop, $140

Beauty Replenishing Night Cream