Beauty from the Inside Out—and Outside In

Written by: Emma Brophy


Published on: March 12, 2024


After Lauren Scruggs Kennedy lost her left eye and hand in a 2011 accident, she changed her life—and started working to change other women’s lives, too. “After my accident, I experienced severe fatigue, so I started digging deeper on my own into wellness and clean living,” she says. “That was the beginning.”

Today, the Los Angeles–based bestselling author and mom of Ryver, two, and Poppy, six months, heads three companies, all aimed at helping people feel better in their own skin, through lifestyle, clean beauty essentials, and a nonprofit foundation called LSK, which provides no-cost custom silicone skin coverings for prostheses to women who otherwise could not afford them. “I experienced so much renewal and wholeness from my custom prosthetic—it was healing for me mentally, and I wanted other girls to have that opportunity,” says Scruggs Kennedy. “Insurance covers prosthetic limbs with off-the-shelf skin covers that can be less realistic-looking and poorer quality. LSK works with ARTech Laboratory, which makes custom skin covers that are hand-painted, so they look so realistic and last for years, even with daily wear. When I see someone put on their completed prosthetic limbs from LSK, I see that immediate boost in confidence. It can truly help brighten the emotional hardship that can come with limb loss.”

As her life and companies have evolved, Scruggs Kennedy’s confidence has grown along with the women she helps. “Beauty comes from how you love people, how you help people, and taking the focus off of yourself,” she says. At the same time, she’s switched to clean products for her beauty and self-care routines. “My prosthetic has definitely made me more aware of the importance of caring for my skin—for respecting the bodies we have,” she says.


  1. goop Beauty
    Youth-Boost Peptide Serum
    goop, $150/$135 with subscription
    “This potent serum is super hydrating, and it has noticeably improved my skin’s firmness.”
  2. Tammy Fender
    Intensive Repair Balm
    goop, $150
    “This cream is my favorite—I’ve used it for years. It’s so nourishing and smells incredible; my skin just eats it up!”
  3. goop Beauty
    Fix and Restore Balm
    goop, $125/$112 with subscription
    “My skin craves a lot of moisture. This is the last step in my nighttime routine to seal in all the goodness and layer on extra hydration.”
  4. Stranded
    Hand Sanitizing Lotion
    Stranded, $14
    “I keep my hand-sanitizing lotion on me at all times. I created it with all clean ingredients—like hyaluronic acid—so it’s super moisturizing.”


  1. Saltyface
    Tanning Water
    goop, $44
    “Bronzed skin boosts my confidence. Good clean self-tanners can be tough to find, but this one’s natural-looking and so gradual that it actually makes you look like you got a fresh kiss from the sun.”
  2. Ere Perez
    Aloe Gel Lash & Brow Mascara
    goop, $28
    “I wear very minimal makeup, but it’s amazing how much this brow impacts my entire face—it’s my favorite.”
  3. True Botanicals
    Shine and Protect Hair Cream Oil, $36.40
    “After hearing rave reviews about this heat-protectant oil, I gave it a try; let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. It smells delicious—lavender, ylang-ylang, and neroli—and doesn’t weigh my hair down.”


  1. goop Beauty
    Ultimate Dry Brush
    goop, $25
    “I love dermaplaning, smoothing on face and hair masks, and taking nightly showers or baths for some quiet time. But I particularly love dry brushing. I use this one every day to exfoliate, energize, and smooth my skin.”