Klur Supreme Seed Mask: goop Editors Are Obsessed

Written by: Brianna Peters


Published on: May 1, 2024


Megan O'Neill

Associate Beauty Director

“Wait, you’ve never tried the cacao mask from Klur?” asked a dead-serious Elizabeth Grace Hand. “It really smooths your pores, but it’s also amazing for dry skin.” When a New York facialist adored for sending clients home with glass skin raves about a formula, you make a beeline for it. The scent—a combination of chocolate and a gorgeous herbaceousness—is fantastic. The texture is heaven, too: The blend of alpha hydroxy acids, organic jojoba, Irish moss, calendula, and evening primrose oil is so silky. But the results are the thing—I leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse and my skin is bouncier and more luminous than I’ve ever seen it. (Klur’s founder was a makeup artist who worked with TLC—so cool—so it was basically her job to make skin look incredible instantly.)

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Brianna Peters

Beauty Editor

I keep a stash of Inaru chocolate in my pantry, and the stash I keep in my beauty cabinet is actually quite similar: this hands-down-best-mask-on-the-planet whipped chocolate face mask. Once a week, I smooth a thin, creamy mousse-like layer over my skin, and in 10 minutes it clarifies my pores with bentonite and kaolin clay; exfoliates with lactic and glycolic acids; nourishes with botanical oils like calendula, jojoba, and evening primrose; and protects with cacao seed butter. It smells and feels every bit as fantastic as you’d hope a chocolate mask would. It’s my absolute favorite indulgence—beauty or otherwise—and it never fails to leave my skin cocooned in moisture, baby-soft, and beautifully radiant.