How to Get a Summery Bronze Glow in 5 Easy Steps

Written by: Megan O’Neill


Published on: April 30, 2024


Photo courtesy of Kee and Kee/Blaublut Edition

Skin of any tone looks gorgeous—smoother, more even, radiant, and even less tired—when it looks as if it’s been touched by the sun. Whether you want to go full-on Saint-Tropez bronze goddess or subtle just-back-from-vacation glow, this is a look that’s amazing with practically any outfit, from a weekend sundress to a pulled-together blazer. Here, five steps for a face that’s fresh, sun-kissed, and effortlessly summery.


Start with Natural, Glowing Color

This sheer gel layers from a barely-there luminizing sheen to a major-beach-weekend tan. It’s moisturizing and shimmerless, so the finish is natural whether you wear it on its own or over makeup. Made with antioxidants to support collagen and lots of hydration, the easy gel doubles as skin care. And the single universally flattering shade comes in a chic tube that fits easily into your bag.

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    Summertone Bronzing Gel
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Spot-apply the bronzer onto cheeks, brow bones, along the nose and hairline, or anywhere the sun would naturally hit.


Blend the gel over your face with your fingers. For a more intense bronze, use a dense brush; either way, layer to your desired intensity.



Blush and Bronzer Are Better Together

Makeup artists use this trick all the time: Layer cheek color over bronzer for a look that’s both more natural and incredibly flattering. This works whether you’re spot-applying the bronzer or wearing it all over. Dab the blush on as a second step, wherever the sun might hit.

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If You Like a Little Shimmer

Add subtle face-chiseling lift: Glide a contour stick along a diagonal line up to your cheekbones, blending to create bronzy depth. (Pro tip: Go a shade deeper than your natural skin tone with the contour stick.) For even dewier definition and brightness, smooth an iridescent highlighter onto the apples of your cheeks, above your Cupid’s bow, along the bridge of your nose, or on your eyelids.

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  2. Shimmer Stick

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Wake Up Your Eyes

One flick of this inky mascara is transformative—the results are almost too good to be true.

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Copper Pink Plays Up a Glow

Smooth this perfect blushy nude directly onto your lips for a bold, saturated look or blot it on with your fingers for a softer, diffused vibe. Against lustrous skin, it’s just stunning.

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For a Tan That Lasts

For sun-kissed, even, warm, streakless color from head to toe, we love this set for face and body.

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