How to Extend Your Summer Tan

We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to our summer tans, and so we sought out some ways to preserve our glow. The amazing LA based make up artist Angela Levin shares her insider tips and go-to products below.

1. Exfoliate

Our tendency is to leave skin alone so as not to remove our summer color. But dry skin looks old, while hydrated, tanned skin appears young and fresh: So regular exfoliation is a must.

2. Hydrate

Moisturize twice daily using a product that’s rich in hydration but fine in texture. Let it soak in for at least 10 minutes. If a greasy layer remains after 10 minutes, you’ve used too much. Take a tissue, lay it on the area and tap lightly to lift the extra oil. Serums are also fantastic and can be used with your moisturizer or instead of. You only need a tiny bit and if you have leftovers, rub into your hands—we always neglect them in the winter! And, if you’re wondering about eye creams, they aren’t essential—a good moisturizer will do the trick.

3. Self Tan

We all know the basic rule: exfoliate and hydrate before you self tan. For a dark color, lightly exfoliate, moisturize, and then apply self tan every day until you reach your ideal color.

4. Primer

Always use a primer under your foundation; it’s essential for maintaining the summer glow. The overall look is lighter and the effect is long lasting.

5. Foundation

Look for a product that’s easy to apply and has longevity to survive cold winter days. Again, a light texture is key. Go for a shade slightly darker than your skin tone, but no more than three shades darker. Blend down to the neck and décolletage.

6. Concealer

This can be used instead of foundation (or use both). Concealer works best under the eyes, around the nose and mouth where redness tends to accumulate.

7. Cream blush

A great product because it’s very easy to apply, you can build the color yielding a lovely, fresh sheen that’s not too shiny. Using your fingers, tap on your face as opposed to wiping, then use a circular motion to blend in.

9. Lips

To maintain hydration, apply a gloss over your lipstick. Be sure to stay away from dark colors and matte textures.

10. Mascara

Use an intense black for top lashes and a pop of color on the bottom. Yellow, blue, and purple are best…

11. Nails

Very simply, the brighter the better to offset your glow. Oranges, reds, golds, pinks…