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10 Easy Swaps to Totally Detox
Your Fall Beauty Routine

Making the switch from conventional, potentially toxic beauty and personal-care products to clean ones is easier than ever this year. The tech in clean and nontoxic has more than caught up to conventional, the ingredient sourcing is more sophisticated than ever, and the level of luxury is truly delightful.

From a nothing-else-like-it detoxifying shampoo to a cushy, ultramoisturizing body cream and a decadent face mask, we’ve created a full-body plan for going clean that works no matter what your skin type, no matter what your age. In place of potentially endocrine-disrupting preservatives, synthetic fragrances, thickeners, binders, polymers, and more, there are nourishing botanical extracts and oils that truly support skin health. There are also luxurious textures, incredible scents, and skin-rousing formulas that leave you silky and radiant from head to toe.

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    The GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator uses the power of both chemical and physical exfoliation to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion—as if you just left your dermatologist’s office. Four microexfoliating minerals instantly buff away dead skin cells; glycolic acid exfoliates further to increase cell turnover for ultraglowy skin, while superfruit Australian kakadu plum nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and entirely rejuvenated.

  • goop by Juice Beauty Exfoliating Instant Facial
    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Microderm

    Instant Glow Exfoliator
    goop, $125
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    It starts out as a powder (a blend of raw cacao,
    bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, and spices), only
    releasing its potent elements once mixed with water.
    The resulting mousse is designed to help soothe
    breakouts. Use Lindstrom’s facial treatment bowl
    and brush to mix the paste.

  • May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Correcting Masque
    May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Correcting Masque goop, $100
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    An invigorating plant-based body cleanser that
    leaves your skin feeling refreshed and helps clear
    your mind. The magic of botanicals—the fresh,
    organic roots of ginger and ashwagandha—combines
    with the subtly spicy aromatic power of Japanese
    shiso leaf, Indian black pepper oil, and pink
    peppercorn berries to awaken the senses and uplift
    the spirit, the emotions, and the whole body.

  • goop Body G.Day Ginger + Ashwagandha Energy Body Wash
    goop Body G.Day Ginger + Ashwagandha Energy Body Wash goop, $32
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    This invigorating body oil helps detoxify with juniper,
    grapefruit, and rosemary essential oils, enlivening
    and deeply nourishing skin. Use alone, right after
    dry-brushing, or you can actually apply it with a dry
    brush, working upward from the feet in a circular
    motion, toward the heart for ultimate treatment.

  • The Organic Pharmacy Detox Body Oil
    The Organic Pharmacy Detox Body Oil goop, $68
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    Dry-brushing is an essential—and
    energizing—skin-detox step. Made from pure,
    natural sisal, this brush exfoliates lightly and sweeps
    away dead skin to reveal glowing and smooth skin.
    Use it right before you turn on the water.

  • goop Body G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush
    goop Body G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush goop, $20
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    These three essential-oil concoctions from
    aromatherapist and acupuncturist Annee de
    Mamiel smell fantastic and create a beautiful ritual
    around going to sleep and waking up. There’s a
    soothing balm, a relaxing oil, and an energizing oil.
    They are incredible as inhalations (smooth a bit on
    your palms and breath deep) or to dab them on
    pulse points and the bottoms of your feet feet. The
    set also includes a gorgeous, blue-leather notebook
    embossed with “Pleasant Dreams,” for before-bed
    or dream journaling.

  • de Mamiel Sleep Easy
    de Mamiel Sleep Easy goop, $150
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    Our scalp and hair are our crown, and this unique
    whipped shampoo made of exfoliating mineral-rich
    Himalayan pink salt, nourishing cold-pressed
    moringa oil, and pure unfiltered rose hip oil purifies
    and detoxifies all at once. The scrub cleanses the
    hair and scalp of product buildup, dirt, and oil,
    leaving both clean and refreshed. The cleansing
    scent—rosemary, geranium, orange, and
    peppermint—lingers subtly in hair (and smells
    amazing as you wash).

  • goop Body G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo
    goop Body G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo goop, $42
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    GP collaborated with vitruvi to land on the
    perfect shade of grey for this exclusive-to-goop
    edition of everyone’s favorite diffuser. It’s gorgeous
    and sleek. And a brilliant way to get essential oils
    and aromatherapy into your life, along with a little
    humidifying steam. Use it with the custom essential oil set.

  • Vitruvi x goop Exclusive Stone Diffuser
    Vitruvi x goop Exclusive Stone Diffuser goop, $119
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    Wake up your entire face with the cooling, soothing
    power of rose quartz crystal: It promotes circulation
    for glowy, healthy-looking skin, releases tension
    in facial muscles, and cools to help reduce the
    appearance of puffiness and undereye bags.
    Brilliant all over or just where you need it, the
    rose quartz feels incredible.

  • goop Rose Quartz Soothing Face-Massage Roller
    goop Rose Quartz Soothing Face-Massage Roller goop, $45
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    Soaking in this blend of activated charcoal, glacial
    marine clay, helichrysum, and other powerful
    essential oils is a beautifully soothing, detoxifying
    ritual. It’s especially good at the end of a long day,
    whether you’re detoxing or not. Soak for twenty
    minutes, ideally with a candle flickering
    nearby—you’ll emerge relaxed and refreshed.
    There are three cups of bath soak in every
    bag—which means three amazing baths, all for you.

  • G.Tox Detox 5 Salt Bath Soak
    goop Body G.Tox Detox 5 Salt Bath Soak goop, $35