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How to Choose Skin-Flattering Tinted Moisturizer at Home

The trick to makeup that doesn’t look like makeup (and instead looks like great, healthy-glowy skin) is, in our opinion, tinted moisturizer. No matter your age, skin type, or skin tone, tinted moisturizer smooths, evens out, and brightens skin as it softens the look of redness, breakouts, dark spots, and dark circles; it also moisturizes and often protects with sunscreen, too.

What to Do about Imperfections

Because tinted moisturizer is sheer, if you’ve got a spot you want covered, concealer is what you need (this is true of foundation as well, by the way—most all-over-the-face products are not for covering imperfections). After smoothing on your tinted moisturizer, target dark circles, breakouts, or spots with a great brush dipped in your favorite concealer. Brush only where you want to cover, then pat gently with your ring finger until it blends—you’ll think it isn’t going to blend, but it will.

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