goop Your Glove Box

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Being prepared always feels good; being glamorously prepared, say, with a picnic box packed with champagne and crudites, or an overnight case layered with filmy lingerie, feels even better. We put plenty of thought into what to bring in our airplane carry-ons, but we stuff our glove boxes with old maps and never open them (why would we when there’s Waze?).

In truth, if you drive, the glove box is the perfect spot for beauty essentials: Even if you don’t mind carting everything around in your bag, if you’re like most of us, you don’t always have your bag with you. And you forget things. Or you switch bags and forget to throw in the lip balm et al. The reasons to goop your glove box are many; here, the clean, nontoxic, totally-practical-yet-deeply-glamorous items we advise stocking up on.

  • SPF

    Because people get significantly more sun damage—and skin cancer—on their left (driving) arms than their right. Because if you look at the back of your hand and compare it to the inside of your wrist, you see the difference every day sun exposure makes on your skin. Because sometimes rainy days turn into really sunny ones—and you decide to sit outside at lunch. Because arriving at the beach and realizing you forgot sunblock is a serious bummer.
    *Yes, sunblock can get old and separate in the heat. This is particularly true of chemical sunscreens, which are a horrible idea for numerous reasons. Besides being nontoxic, the minerals that create physical sunblocks are inert, so they stand up to heat and age much better.

    Naturopathica, Daily UV Defense Cream SPF 50
    goop, $58

    These individually packed, insanely refreshing, beautiful smelling, botanical-infused wipes will save your life in so many situations we can’t even begin to list them. Many conventional wipes are full of preservatives, not to mention chemicals to keep them wet (and still they dry out). These neatly sidestep the problem of drying out—and they are heaven to use, and so good for your skin!

    Ursa Major, Essential Face Wipes
    goop, $24

    You never know when you’re going to be thirsty. Even BPA-free plastic bottles give car-warmed water (sorry, it’s a reality) a less-than alluring taste. The water in this one always tastes good and even just looking at the bottle makes us feel happier. Caveat: If the temperature regularly goes way below zero in your part of the world, go with BPA-free plastic or commit to emptying the bottle or bringing it in at night.

    Glacce, Smoky Quartz Bottlegoop, $80

    This sheerly tinted, citrusy balm will make you feel and look better instantly—whether it’s suddenly-chapped lips or a need-to-look-fantastic situation that unexpectedly strikes.

    Olio e Osso Balm, No 2 French Melon
    goop, $28

    Knowing you smell mysterious and incredible—in this case, Shiso—can make all the difference. The pure, natural ingredients go beyond nontoxic and into the realm of homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and even mystical benefits, clearing energy and soothing mind, body, and spirit.

    goop Fragrance Eau de Parfum: Edition 02 – Shiso Travel Spray
    goop, $55

    Floss isn’t glamorous until suddenly, you need it. (And try this incredible, coconut-fiber floss, and you will never, ever use another brand.)

    Cocofloss goop, $8

    Armed with the most glamorous sunglasses on the planet, you’ve got a protective, healthy shield against the world—and you’ll always look fantastic and mysterious. Can’t lose.

    Balenciaga, BA0096 Sunglasses
    goop, $495

    You’ll never lose your keys when they’re attached to this chic, gigantic tassel.

    Graf & Lantz, Nubuck Tassel
    goop, $55

    Made of gorgeous, actual marble, this has got to be the chicest phone case of all time.

    Native Union, Clic Marble iPhone 7+ Case
    goop, $90
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