The Best Beauty Presents—Our Editors Shop Their Favorites

Written by: the Editors of goop


Updated on: November 13, 2023


We’re biased, but it’s true: Beauty products make absolutely incredible—not to mention easier-than-easy—presents. We organized our favorites from this year’s gift guides (okay, the Hermès dog tent and the Brigette Buckle Ring are also pretty irresistible) by shopping strategy to make it even easier.

Strategy 1


“Find a single present that’s guaranteed to delight many, stock up, tuck them away in a closet, and you’re set. I love the feeling of checking practically everyone off my list in one fell swoop. A really amazing, beautifully boxed olive oil and vinegar or—if you’re feeling more flush this year—some Chanel roller skates might be exactly it, but if not, a subtly fabulous, gorgeously wrapped candle pleases just about every person.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

  • Colorblur Glow Balms, Set of 5

    Colorblur Glow Balms, Set of 5

    goop Beauty, goop, $136

    The best lip-cheek color ever, this sheer, moisturizing, pigmented balm is full of skin-boosting ingredients—and flatters every skin tone. (It also elicits gasps when you pull the chic, sleek pot out of your bag at an event.) Each of the five shades is stunning—give the whole set as a really special gift, or break it up and spread the joy around.


  • Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk

    Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk

    goop Beauty, goop, $98/$89 with subscription

    Everybody loves to sleep, and this silky, dreamy serum is hard to resist: The results—just look at Gwyneth’s skin, and remember she just turned 51—are noticeable immediately and even more so long-term. Just about anyone with skin should see benefits. And it’s easy to work into an existing routine.

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  • 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel

    15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel

    goop Beauty, goop, $125/$112 with subscription

    Inspired by treatments you’d get in a dermatologist’s office, these peels work magic on skin—the glow is truly next-level. A full box lasts three months, or, like the lip balms below, they can be split up into much-appreciated stocking stuffers.

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  • Celestial Midi Candle Trio

    Celestial Midi Candle Trio

    The Maker, goop, $125

    The key to giving candles: Get a really special one (or three), lest it seem generic. The scent should be gorgeous, of course—but subtle enough, too. This set of three in-between-mini-and-full-size candles from the Maker Hotel in Hudson, New York, is the very best. There’s Spiritus, a bohemian mix of frankincense, cannabis, palo santo, cedar, and ginger; Gardener, a crisp mint, basil, bergamot, ginger, tomato leaf, and cypress scent; and Artist, a citrusy pomelo blend made with fresh vetiver and water lily. The ribbed-glass containers reflect candlelight in the most beautiful way, and the box is so pretty, you’ll want to keep it.

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  • Deep Sleep Magnesium Bath Salts

    Deep Sleep Magnesium Bath Salts

    Saint Jane, goop, $58

    The thick jar is so substantial that you really need just a ribbon to wrap up this enchanting, supremely relaxing, mineral-rich bath that’s a godsend for anyone prone to restless nights. A mix of magnesium, salt, and botanical extracts like lavender, bergamot, and jasmine, it’s incredibly special. Pour a capful or two into a warm bath, soak up some pure gorgeousness, and have an extra-restful night.

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  • Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio

    Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio

    goop Beauty, goop, $48

    This little box contains two favorite shades of the bestselling balms—Peony and Tomato—plus the OG clear version. Keep a stack of them ready, and remember you can break up the sets for stocking stuffers, too.

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  • Lotus Pebble

    Lotus Pebble

    Kate McLeod, goop, $38

    These adorable mini bath-balm stones come beautifully boxed like chocolates, making them an irresistible gift—not to mention a featherlight, ingenious new travel essential (anyone who’s ever tried to take bath oil in their suitcase will understand). Drop them into the tub and they melt into a skin-nourishing bath oil subtly scented with Egyptian blue lotus—heaven.

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  • Seymour Hand Cream and Reusable Pump

    Seymour Hand Cream and Reusable Pump

    COMMUNE, goop, $88

    This has got to be the best-looking hand cream ever made, and it smells appealingly of geranium, grapefruit, and cypress. The rich formula—made with clean, nourishing botanical extracts and oils—really lasts on your skin. And the gorgeous, sustainable aluminum container works no matter your giftee’s gender or style.

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Strategy 2


“Who on your list doesn’t want shinier, smoother, healthier-looking hair? When you give a person something really amazing for their hair, you’re also giving them a truckload of future compliments every time they use it.” —Brianna Peters, beauty editor

  • Nutrient Shinebath Hair Mask

    Nutrient Shinebath Hair Mask

    goop Beauty, goop, $55/$50 with subscription

    Anyone’s hair looks better after a single treatment with this rich, creamy mask that delivers both noticeable shine and incredible texture. It’s so nourishing and softening, it smells amazing, and it guarantees good hair days whether you air-dry or love a full-on bouncy blowout.

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  • goop-Exclusive Crown Affair Set

    goop-Exclusive Crown Affair Set

    Crown Affair, goop, $124

    The ultimate indulgence for the hair-obsessed: a luxurious kit of good-hair-day essentials from Crown Affair. There are full sizes of the brand’s bestselling shampoo and conditioner, the chicest wide-tooth detangling comb in a beautiful cream color, and the best-ever jumbo silk scrunchie in a pretty limited-edition goop pale pink.

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  • Willow Glen Treatment Oil

    Willow Glen Treatment Oil

    ROZ, goop, $48

    From top LA hairstylist Mara Roszak, this do-it-all treatment oil makes an exceptional present: The powerful blend of macadamia, kukui, and jojoba oils works to nourish, soothe, and deeply moisturize hair, scalp, and even body, and it’s one of the best instant fixes for shine and texture we know. Plus, it smells incredible, and the bottle is stunning—it looks amazing on any countertop.

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  • Botanical Hair Elixir

    Botanical Hair Elixir

    Sangre de Fruta, goop, $96

    Deluxe and chock-full of nourishing botanicals, one pump of this silky cream works softening, moisturizing magic—it’s a leave-in conditioner, it’s a styler, it’s a shine-enhancer—and the big pump bottle looks so good on a bathroom counter.

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  • Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo

    Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo

    goop Beauty, goop, $55/$38 with subscription

    Loaded with chunks of Himalayan pink salt and exquisite natural oils like rose hip, this giant jar of scalp-exfoliating shampoo works into a beautiful, frothy spalike lather, massaging your scalp and leaving your hair soft and shiny.

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  • Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer

    Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer

    ZUVI, goop, $349

    This is the blow-dryer to end all blow-dryers: Sleek, minimalist, and brilliantly light, it uses something called LightCare technology to dry and style hair wickedly fast as it amps up shine.

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  • Glossing Hair Masque: Mighty Majesty

    Glossing Hair Masque: Mighty Majesty

    Ranavat, goop, $65

    This gorgeous navy-blue tube contains a jasmine-scented, shine-inducing, texture-enhancing, ultraconditioning miracle. It looks as good in the shower as it does in the box, and even a single three-minute treatment leaves your hair noticeably glossier, softer, and bouncier.

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  • Bond Repair Treatment

    Bond Repair Treatment

    epres, goop, $48

    We’ve tried, loved, and already stocked up on this cutting-edge hair-repair treatment several times since it launched: The results (the shiniest, silkiest, smoothest hair of your life) have to be seen to be believed. Once your giftee experiences it, they’ll love and adore you forever.

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Strategy 3


“Going all out for someone who really deserves it feels sooo good. (And that someone could be you, BTW.) These lavish, big-ticket presents are supremely indulgent and really memorable.” —Brianna

  • goop-Exclusive Cordless Styling Set

    goop-Exclusive Cordless Styling Set

    Harry Josh, goop, $629

    This brilliant cordless, everything-you-need hair set from famous NYC hairstylist Harry Josh comes with a flatiron, a curling wand, and two rechargeable batteries that all fit into a chic-looking, heat-protecting, space-saving container that doubles as a charger for the tools. There’s no better gift for anyone who wants easily achieved, just-walked-out-of-the-salon hair at home (and on the road—it comes with a special heatproof travel case).

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  • Winter Radiance System

    Winter Radiance System

    Augustinus Bader, goop, $220

    Everything anyone needs to face winter—luxuriously. You get a full size of Dr. Bader’s incredible creamy gel cleanser, one set of wake-up-your-face eye patches, and a deluxe mini of the legendary Rich Cream.

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  • Les Étoiles Edition

    Les Étoiles Edition

    Westman Atelier, goop, $160

    This cutest-ever makeup kit delivers the prettiest shimmer-and-flush glow: You get makeup artist Gucci Westman’s bestselling highlighter stick in Biscuit, her sheeny lip gloss in Nectar, and a new powder version of her Baby Cheeks blush stick in Petal. Used together, the three brighten, sculpt, and make cheekbones pop for a fresh, natural look that’s flattering on just about everyone.

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  • LYMA Laser Starter Kit

    LYMA Laser Starter Kit

    LYMA, goop, $2,695

    The results from this next-generation skin laser are jaw-dropping, and the minimalist wand makes the most stone-cold sleek gift. It’s 100 times more powerful than a standard at-home LED treatment and is the only 500-milliwatt laser cleared by the FDA for at-home use. You (or your happy giftee) will kvell: This glamorous little laser is the real deal in terms of results for wrinkles, firmness, and more.

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  • Youth-Boost Peptide Serum

    Youth-Boost Peptide Serum

    goop Beauty, goop, $150/$135 with subscription

    Who on your list doesn’t want better skin in seven days? With results that are impressive even to professionals (like top plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD, who conducted the clinical studies), this skin-boosting serum targets wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, texture, firmness, elasticity, radiance, and barrier support with a silky combination of peptides, ceramides, microalgae, and more. If you really love your recipient, get a subscription.

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  • goop-Exclusive Liquid Gold Set

    goop-Exclusive Liquid Gold Set

    Furtuna Skin, goop, $285

    For radiant skin inside and out, this set delivers the supercharged botanical goodness and serious results that we love from Furtuna. There’s a drinkable cold-pressed olive oil (founder Agatha Relota Luczo swears by it) and the beautiful, magnolia-leaf-scented, nourishing biphase face oil. We love the chic bottles, but we love the glow even more.

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  • Fragrance Trunk Duo

    Fragrance Trunk Duo

    The Maker, goop, $370

    The ultimate full-on-luxurious artisanal present for anyone who adores a truly beautifully made thing, this exquisite leather trunk comes from the Maker Hotel. Packed with the stunning eau de parfum Naked (it’s fresh and sexy at once, with musk, passionflower, and orris, and it comes in a gorgeous glass spray bottle), the gloriously smoky oud-and-cardamom-scented Café candle, and four exquisite leather coasters, the trunk makes a next-level jewelry box or repository for other treasures (it’s also a design objet on its own). The leather is upcycled, the fragrances are clean and vegan, and the trunk has to be one of the most enchanting gifts this season.

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  • TheraFace Mask

    TheraFace Mask

    Therabody, goop, $599

    Does your potential recipient love facials? Or perhaps they’re devoted fans of the Theragun? Or both? This brilliant new device takes anyone’s skin routine to the next level. It combines powerful light therapy (blue, red, and red and infrared) plus vibrational therapy (like the Theragun, it feels fantastic). Each mode works solo or together for amazing results, whether your issue is wrinkles, firmness, dullness, problem skin, stress, or simply wanting better-looking skin.

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  • Sun Rae

    Sun Rae

    Vyrao, goop, $190

    This fresh, gorgeous mix of turmeric, bergamot, vetiver, and cardamom somehow manages to balance perfectly between sexy, herbaceous, and uplifting. The sunny, exuberant scent comes in the chicest glass bottle and contains a supercharged diamond crystal energized by healer Louise Mita—perfect for anyone you want to shower with a little extra light and love.

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Strategy 4


“A hint of color or sparkle here, a flash of glowy, healthy-looking skin there. Firming face oil, designer makeup brushes, subtle tints that wake up your face instantly—all appeal to a wide range, from your best friend to a parent to your eye-shadow-enamored niece.” —Megan O’Neill, associate beauty director

  • Essential Lip Compact

    Essential Lip Compact

    Fara Homidi, goop, $88

    It’s hard to get past how much we love this refillable cushiony compact (holding it alone is a sensorial delight), but a dab of the moisturizing, priming balm and beautifully pigmented matte color on lips and anyone will be instantly addicted.

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  • Lip Drip Duo

    Lip Drip Duo

    Tower 28 Beauty, goop, $24

    For the most flattering, subtle sheen and an absolutely irresistible scent, these gorgeously nourishing full-size glosses are the perfect gift. The set comes with a limited-edition warm, shimmery brown gloss called Chestnut—a collab with Deux vegan cookie butter, which it smells exactly like—along with a beautiful sheer one.

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  • Le Balm

    Le Balm

    bonjout, goop, $120

    This solid serum balm will bring out the French girl in just about anyone. Made by a French pharmacist, it nourishes and soothes face, cuticles, elbows, anywhere—and comes in the sleekest beige compact, so it’s easily tucked into a bag, whether a vintage Birkin or a teensy pochette.

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  • Weekend Skin SPF 50 + Vitamin C + Glow

    Weekend Skin SPF 50 + Vitamin C + Glow

    Iris&Romeo, goop, $50

    This more-than-double-duty cream—it blends time-released vitamin C, moisturizer, niacinamide, and mineral SPF 50 into one light, silky, ultrahydrating step—leaves any skin tone gorgeously even, blurred, absolutely luminous, and, of course, beautifully protected. It’s called Weekend Skin, but we love it every day.

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  • Cream Highlight Stick

    Cream Highlight Stick

    19/99, goop, $34

    One easy swipe of this subtle shimmer stick and your skin looks instantly fresher, dewier, and lit from within. It’s so hydrating and silky—it feels like a special treat every time you use it.

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  • Clean Glow Trio I

    Clean Glow Trio I

    Westman Atelier, goop, $75

    This exquisite red-lacquered travel set from rock-star makeup artist Gucci Westman comes with three mini bestsellers—Face Trace Contour Stick, Baby Cheeks Blush Stick, and Lit Up Highlight Stick—that flatter literally any skin type.

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  • No.04 Bois de Balincourt Mini Travel Set

    No.04 Bois de Balincourt Mini Travel Set

    Maison Louis Marie, goop, $35

    Gorgeous and supremely French, this deluxe perfume comes in a box packed with a rollerball and a spray of the warm, airy, much-obsessed-over No.04 scent. They travel easily, whether for a weekend in Paris or a trip to the gym—and the bestselling scent is just incredible.

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  • All-in-One Super Nutrient Face Oil

    All-in-One Super Nutrient Face Oil

    goop Beauty, goop, $98/$89 with subscription

    Not only is this bakuchiol face oil one of Gwyneth’s sworn secrets for glowing skin at 51 years old, it’s also clinically proven to firm, smooth the appearance of wrinkles, and boost radiance—there’s no not falling in love.

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  • Petite Brush Collection

    Petite Brush Collection

    Westman Atelier, goop, $350

    For hazing out eye shadow, blending foundation or concealer to perfection, or making your cheeks look naturally flushed, this set of pillowy-soft brushes is an absolute dream. The bright-red handles give an ultrachic flair to any vanity or bathroom sink.

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Strategy 5


“This isn’t a strategy for every recipient, but if you’ve got anything from a crush to an SO, consider a present that your giftee sees (and loves) every time they shower. The context of steamy warm water makes an incredible-smelling bodywash or a fantastically foaming shampoo into a great subliminal advertisement for the sensual possibilities in your relationship.” —Jean

  • The Body Cleanser

    The Body Cleanser

    Augustinus Bader, goop, $55

    This eucalyptus-scented bodywash bursts with nourishing botanicals in a way that’s full-on dreamy. It lathers gloriously, soothes dry skin, and comes in the prettiest blue bottle.

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  • Rosemary & Tulsi Hair Duo

    Rosemary & Tulsi Hair Duo

    Flamingo Estate, goop, $92

    Two giant forest-green aluminum bottles of some of the most gorgeously scented, shine-inducing shampoo and conditioner on the planet—this is the present no one knew they needed but everyone will be forever grateful for. The shampoo lathers into a botanical-infused foam; the conditioner is ultramoisturizing and gleam-inducing. Together, they leave practically anyone’s hair shinier, bouncier, and healthier-looking.

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  • Afterglow Body Oil

    Afterglow Body Oil

    goop Beauty, goop, $48/$43 with subscription

    Even if your recipient has never tried body oil, they’re bound to be obsessed—this one sinks in beautifully (you can put your clothes on right away), smells so good (the ginger-vetiver-cedar scent is gorgeous for all genders), feels so good (like silk), deposits a total-body glow that’s next-level, and instantly replenishes dry winter skin.

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  • No.04 Bois de Balincourt Body Lotion

    No.04 Bois de Balincourt Body Lotion

    Maison Louis Marie, goop, $35

    We don’t know what’s more appealing: the woodsily-romantic scent, the velvety cream that sinks in instantly and leaves skin springy with moisture, or the sleek white bottle that makes any bathroom look more chic.

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  • Massage Oil Candle

    Massage Oil Candle

    Dame Products, goop, $39

    This enchanting candle radiates a beautiful cloud of benzoin and sandalwood, but the real gift is that you’re setting someone up for a sexy date night in. The warm wax melts into a skin-replenishing oil that feels and smells next-level amazing and doubles as the sultriest massage oil.

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  • Serotonin Soak

    Serotonin Soak

    HigherDOSE, goop, $39

    This amazing bath soak, infused with magnesium flakes to soothe tired muscles, is made with an aromatic blend of turmeric, marjoram, and eucalyptus that’s relaxing, grounding, and utterly rejuvenating.

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  • Microderm Instant Glow Body Polish

    Microderm Instant Glow Body Polish

    goop Beauty, goop, $48/$43 with subscription

    You move with a little more oomph when you feel good in your skin, and this whipped scrub and bodywash in one definitely delivers that feeling. Made with micro-exfoliating minerals and nourishing oils that leave skin touchably smooth, it smells gorgeously of juniper, fir needle, vetiver, and oakmoss.

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  • Scandalwood Set

    Scandalwood Set

    Heretic, goop, $150

    This set—you get a bodywash, perfume, and candle—is as sexy as it gets, and the sleek black box requires no extra wrapping. Clean perfumer Douglas Little collaborated with burlesque performer Dita Von Teese to create the intoxicating blend of sandalwood, coriander, Bulgarian rose, and white musk, which is gender-neutral and bound to be loved by everyone.

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  • Get Whipped Body Balm

    Get Whipped Body Balm

    KOBA, goop, $95

    We’re not sure which we like better: the fact that this rich balm nourishes, brightens, and smooths skin or that it smells incredibly of vanilla and sandalwood. Either way, your recipient is bound to love it.

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Strategy 6


“We all need help taking a break, and giving someone something fantastically pampering—the world’s prettiest bath soak, a luscious skin-coddling oil, scents that bloom inside your shower—gently forces them to slow down and luxuriate in the moment.” —Megan

  • Everyday Spa Set

    Everyday Spa Set

    Esker, goop, $85

    This kit instantly transforms both bath and shower into skin-boosting, aromatherapeutic mini spas. It comes with a liquid magnesium bath soak and two essential-oil-scented tablets—calendula and eucalyptus—that release as they melt, turning any shower into an aromatherapy steam room, along with a hand-carved marble holder that makes a gorgeous soap dish once the tablets are used up.

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  • Supreme Seed

    Supreme Seed

    Klur, goop, $60

    No matter your giftee’s skin type, this chocolaty, antioxidant-infused exfoliating mask brightens, balances, and leaves skin looking (and feeling) about a thousand times more refreshed.

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  • Snow on Fire Candle

    Snow on Fire Candle

    Liis, goop, $65

    This pale-grey glass candle made in Northern California fills the air with a blend of juniper berry, cypress, and cedar smoke, along with a fresh touch of raspberry. Think of it as the most sophisticated campfire you’ll ever wander past.

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  • Wellness Box of Three

    Wellness Box of Three

    Dear Sundays, goop, $54

    This luxe manicure-pedicure set from our favorite clean nail studio in NYC is everything you need in one beautiful box: You get a perfect neutral and the best red ever, along with a topcoat to make them super long-lasting.

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  • Chill Globes

    Chill Globes

    Chillhouse, goop, $45

    These gorgeous-looking gold-plated globes feel incredible as they glide across your skin; you keep them in the freezer for a serious cryofacial at home. The results are incredible: lifted, sculpted, and refreshed skin (unsurprisingly, they’re especially amazing for under your eyes).

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  • Red Light Face Mask

    Red Light Face Mask

    HigherDOSE, goop, $349

    This sleek blue mask combines red and infrared light therapy (technology commonly used at the dermatologist’s office) to boost glow, soothe, refresh and rejuvenate skin at home. It’s easy (and kind of fun) to wear, and anyone who loves skin care is going to go nuts for it.

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  • Shower Infusion Starter Kit

    Shower Infusion Starter Kit

    Sprig, goop, $149

    This remarkable showerhead attachment creates a daily pampering session in any shower, infusing the water with both aromatherapy and skin-boosting ingredients. It’s easy to install and chicly modern in a way that suits any décor, creates the best-smelling steam, and leaves skin silky-soft. The botanically inspired box is so pretty, too.

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  • “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak

    “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak

    goop Beauty, goop, $40

    Truly the most beautiful way to untether oneself from the day (and from the email onslaught), this luxurious soak soothes both body and mind with pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, passionflower, and wild-crafted frankincense. Gift wrap it before presenting it to the person in your life who could use a bit of help unwinding—or, alternately, the bag as is makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

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  • Winter Citrus Body Stone Duo

    Winter Citrus Body Stone Duo

    Kate McLeod, goop, $60

    These exquisitely scented, ultranourishing massage bars pamper skin with the finest botanical oils and butters and deliver an incredible massage, even when you’re simply massaging yourself. The gorgeous box needs no wrapping whatsoever, and the joy and delight they’ll bring to any recipient (including yourself) is pretty much the ultimate.

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strategy 7


Your friend who breaks out will not appreciate a bottle with “acne” writ large across it, and a tube of “wrinkle cream” is rarely an appropriate present for anyone. But it is possible to give something useful and specific without insulting your giftee.

  • Nightly Retinol Serum

    Nightly Retinol Serum

    Oak Essentials, goop, $92

    This kinder, gentler version of a retinol delivers results for any skin type (even those more sensitive to retinol) and comes in the sleekest pale bottle that looks amazing on the nightstand.

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  • Clean Clean Cleanser

    Clean Clean Cleanser

    Sofie Pavitt Face, goop, $34

    Made by a famous NYC aesthetician, this face wash comes in the best green tube and foams beautifully for a gentle yet deep cleanse for any skin type. It takes off makeup like a dream and leaves skin soft and fresh.

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  • SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

    SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

    Tower 28 Beauty, goop, $28

    Internet-famous for absolutely amazing results for troubled skin, this hypochlorous acid spritz comes in a chic red bottle. (The entire beauty department is obsessed, as are the friends and family we’ve turned on to it—truly, there’s nothing like it.)

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  • Smoothie Deo

    Smoothie Deo

    Megababe, goop, $14

    This is the best deodorant on the planet—the results are hard to believe for a clean deodorant, and it smells so good. Plus, most giftees will appreciate the implication that they’re a megababe.

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  • Manta Pulse Hair & Scalp Brush

    Manta Pulse Hair & Scalp Brush

    Manta, goop, $85

    The fact that this brush has got to be the best head massage ever is the reason you’re giving it. It’s just a happy accident that the massage stimulates circulation and blood flow, which can help with hair growth.

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