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New Beauty Obsessions for June

With new, cusp-of-summer essentials for skin, hair, and body, there’s so much happening in the goop beauty shop this month. While fixated on our new favorites, the beauty department has also doubled down on the OG goop classic, Microderm, for its skin-polishing combination of both chemical (AHA) and physical exfoliants that feels so good on skin and leaves it soft, smooth and visibly glowy.

Beyond getting their skin in its best shape ever with Microderm, here’s what else goop beauty editors Jean, Brianna, Erica, and Emma can’t get enough of this June.

Jean Godfrey-June

Jean Godfrey-June

executive beauty director

  1. Tata Harper Superkind Fortifying Moisturizer
    Tata Harper Superkind Fortifying
    goop, $120

    “I do not have sensitive skin. In truth, I have skin of steel. So the fact that this nourishing hyaluronic acid moisturizer is made without more than eighty-five common skin allergens and irritants (like essential oils, soy, wheat, nut derivatives, gluten, and harsh exfoliants) is not why I’m obsessed with it. Instead, what I love is the way it makes my skin look and feel: plump, soft, smooth, dewy, and ready for anything. The secret is that it’s made with powerful botanicals, antioxidants, polysaccharides, and lipid complexes that benefit all skin types, engineered by actual (former) engineer Tata Harper, who does not eff around when it comes to benefits: ‘No matter what kind of skin you have, you want results, no?’ she demanded. I nodded silently and slipped that Superkind right into my bag.”

  2. Beautycounter Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream
    Beautycounter Countertime Tetrapeptide
    Supreme Cream
    goop, $89

    “Peptides can make a big difference in skin, as can bakuchiol (people compare its results to retinol’s—without retinol’s potential irritation and sun sensitivity), as can extracts of an alpine rose from Switzerland. Put these wrinkle-smoothing, firming, elasticity-encouraging ingredients together in a cream that manages to be both rich and light and you’ve got what I use as both a serum and a moisturizer. I use it often as a single layer at night and just as often—also at night—as the bottom, serum-like layer (closest to the skin, so all the powerful ingredients go right in). I also use it often in the mornings, after vitamin C serum, before sunscreen. In short, I can’t stop smoothing it on, and supplies are getting low.”

  3. ILIA Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm in Wanderlust
    ILIA Balmy Tint
    Lip Balm
    goop, $28

    “I love a balm, and I love a tint, and I love a pretty bit of sheen rather than full-on shiny lips, so this gorgeously pigmented balm is just right. I dab on Wanderlust for a sheer wash of just-a tad-deeper-than-my-lips color that really lasts, and my lips stay soft and moisturized, too. You can layer it for more color and more shine, but for me, a single swipe is the perfect amount of pigment, texture, and moisturizing goodness. (The ingredients include the glamorous-sounding salicornia, a sea succulent said to boost hydration by up to 6,000 percent, along with jojoba-seed oil and shea butter.)”

Brianna Peters

Brianna Peters

associate beauty editor

  1. SolaWave Wand
    SolaWave Wand goop, $149

    “In the three months since I’ve started using this, my skin has looked both smoother and brighter. The multitasking device delivers four separate treatments: microcurrent for smoothing fine lines, red-light therapy for supporting collagen production, vibrating facial massage for reducing puffiness, and therapeutic warmth for soothing redness. It’s portable and rechargeable, and it’s made with smart-touch activation, so you place the wand against your face to turn it on and remove it to turn it off. The tip also rotates, so it can get to harder-to-reach spots like right under your eyes. I do the vibrating facial massage plus therapeutic warmth right when I wake up every morning—it feels so good, soothes my sensitive skin, lifts and sculpts my whole face, and leaves me totally refreshed.”

  2. Saie Sunvisor
    Saie Sunvisor goop, $34

    “I’ve tried tons of different sunscreens to find one that works for my sensitive skin. This one has a texture and finish that make it my absolute favorite—it’s silky-smooth, feels weightless, sinks in beautifully (it’s tinted to make it blend more easily, but the tint doesn’t show on your skin), and leaves my skin with a gorgeous dewy sheen. The 100 percent zinc oxide formula shields skin against UVA and UVB rays, and it’s infused with powerful skin-care ingredients like aloe vera, grape seed, and vitamin E for a great boost of hydration. And I love that the pretty lilac tube substitutes 100 percent bioresin (sugarcane) for virgin plastic.”

  3. Westman Atelier Guldbaggen Makeup Tray
    Westman Atelier Guldbaggen
    Makeup Tray
    goop, $295

    “We’re at least as obsessed with Westman Atelier as we are with SKULTUNA; the idea of the two brands collaborating is nothing short of brilliant. The result: a polished brass tray made to hold four of Westman’s signature makeup sticks (I’ve also used it to hold candle votives!). It makes an absolutely spectacular gift, and it looks stunning in the bathroom or on your vanity. Plus, you’ll never have to dig through a drawer looking for your makeup again.”

junior associate beauty editor

Erica Ndlovu

junior associate beauty editor

  1. Tammy Fender Purifying Cleansing Gel
    Tammy Fender Purifying
    Cleansing Gel
    goop, $50

    “I look forward to hopping in the shower and lathering this silky cleanser on my face, which makes me feel like I’m getting a spa treatment. Because I have oily skin, I have plenty of experience with cleansers that strip my skin—I’m always on the hunt for one that removes all of the makeup and dirt without leaving my face feeling like a desert. This one, made with alfalfa leaf to purify and nourish, as well as spearmint for toning, leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth, moisturized, and pillowy-soft.”

  2. “This moisturizing iridescent balm has become my must have-on-me-at-all-times product. I swipe the Ganache shade over my eyelids for a nice, just-took-a-dip-in-the-pool glow and some natural-looking depth. And the French Melon shade is perfect when I need a pop of color for my cheeks and lips. With a sheer finish, it brightens without masking my skin.”

  3. Olio E Osso Balm in French Melon
    Olio E Osso Balm in
    French Melon
    goop, $28
  4. Olio E Osso Balm in Ganache
    Olio E Osso Lip, Cheek & Lid
    Balm in Ganache
    goop, $28
  5. Follain Brightening Serum
    Follain Brightening
    goop, $38

    “I’ve been using this powerhouse serum in the mornings, and it leaves my skin glowing and smooth. With a refreshing citrusy smell—it’s made with yuzu and tangerine extracts—it tackles my pigmentation for a more even skin tone, it reduces the appearance of pores, and I really notice how luminous it makes my skin look.”

Emma Brophy

Emma Brophy

editorial assistant

  1. Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light
    Rahua Leave-In
    goop, $45

    “This delightfully whipped lavender-and-eucalyptus-scented leave-in treatment feels both invigorating and luxurious. It protects my hair against heat and damage when I blow-dry or use styling tools, and it’s also this great, weightless way to add shine if I’m air-drying. I smooth a little into my ends after the shower, and it leaves my hair (once dry) hydrated and glossy, without compromising volume.”

  2. Kosas Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment
    Kosas Air Brow
    Clear Lifting
    goop, $22

    “I’ve been (somewhat) blessed with thick, black, and almost always unruly eyebrows. Maintenance requires a nearly unreasonable amount of brushing, as well as strategic positioning of hairs to mask balder spots. I’ve never been into penciling or tinting: I’m lazy and lack the skill. This clear brow gel shapes my brows with a perfectly tapered spooley that somehow manages to grab all my stubborn hairs in one easy sweep. I brush this secret-weapon gel made with provitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid upward through my brows as my last step every morning, and my beautifully shaped brows last all day.”

  3. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Lost Angel
    RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek goop, $36

    “This beautiful multipurpose golden-coral cream has a silky-smooth, creamy texture that melts into my skin and warms up my complexion like nothing else. Made with buriti oil and cocoa butter, it’s super hydrating and so versatile that I can dab it on my lids, cheeks, and lips, too. It’s almost everything I need for summer, and the chic minimalist packaging is just another bonus.”