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An Electrical Facial, Esther Perel’s New Podcast & 13 Other Things We’re Talking About

  • Goop 15 LINUS
    The Roadster ClassicLINUS, $429

    LINUS BIKE“My current activity of choice is riding around on my new cream-colored Linus bike, which I’ve named Lola. I recently moved to Santa Monica from NYC, so I’m still not used to driving around everywhere. During the week, I ride to my early morning boot camp class, and on the weekend, I ride to downtown Santa Monica or to the shops along Abbott Kinney.” —Lydia Kim, Director of Merchandising Operations


  • Goop 15 HU
    Paleo Salty
    Dark ChocolateHU Kitchen, 12-pack, $59.99

    HU PALEO CHOCOLATES “Given my current self-imposed ‘Paleo prison’—I’m getting married this July—these Hu Paleo Chocolates get me through the day. It’s vegan, has no cane sugar, GMOs or soy and is made with organic fair trade cacao–there’s basically nothing wrong with it.” —Ashley Lewis, Senior Director, Wellness


  • Goop 15

    DTLA FLOWER MARKET “As an early riser, I’ve been taking full advantage of the Los Angeles Flower Market on the weekend. For the freshest blooms and largest selection, make sure to get there at 6am when they open the doors to the public. The Coral Charm Peonies are incredible right now and fade to the prettiest shade of light pink as the week goes on.” —Amy Liang, Marketing Director


  • Goop 15

    WELLESBOURNE “I’ve been hitting up the Wellesbourne in West LA recently. I dig that they have my favorite beer, Boddingtons, on tap and that they do an old-school Absinthe service.” —Paul Kim, Web Producer


  • Goop 15

    ESTHER PEREL’S NEW PODCAST 8 “I’m obsessed with Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin? In a nutshell, she records one-time therapy sessions with struggling couples. It’s brutally honest and beautifully vulnerable. It’s really made me reexamine some of my own opinions when it comes to relationships and communication. It’s humbling, but really intellectually exciting.” —Caitlin O’Malley, Food Editor

  • Goop 15 Seattle Seed Co. x goop
    The Goop Gardengoop, $40

    goop herb garden “I have what I affectionately refer to as a ‘black thumb’: 10abandon all hope all ye plants that cross the threshold of my home. I’ve killed cactus, succulents, you name it. I’m seriously less nurturing than a desert. I love to cook though and using fresh herbs is obviously preferable to using dry ones, but since I make plants sad I never even bothered. I just bought the goop herb garden set to help aide me in this endeavor.”—Drew DeMartinis, Accounting Manager

  • Goop 15

    DR. COW “In Brooklyn visiting our skincare line at the new Credo Beauty, Noora and I finally made the pilgrimage to the fabled Dr. Cow, a store that sells precisely the opposite of what you might imagine. We came out with bags of tree-nut cheeses, along with a few Sun Potion adaptogen powders—and the most delicious golden milk (turmeric, nut milk, etc.) we’ve ever tasted. Somehow, its thick luxuriousness reminded us of the best kind of hot chocolate (think: Angelina in Paris, City Bakery in NYC), without the sweetness.” —Jean Godfrey June, Beauty Director


  • Goop 15

    BOTANICA “Botanica restaurant in Silver Lake is beautiful magazine come to life, with an amazing brunch to boot, in a highly Instagrammable space (without the pretension). Bonus: It was co-founded by an old Daily Candy coworker of mine.” —Jenny Westerhoff, Photo Editor


  • Goop 15 SOUR HEART
    by Jenny ZhangAmazon, $26

    SOUR HEART “Jenny Zhang’s Sour Heart is a revelation. It’s the inaugural publication from the Lenny Letter imprint and also the most personally impactful collection of stories I’ve read by someone who looks, sounds, and thinks like me. Zhang and her characters are all young women from immigrant families trying to navigate life in America and I heard my voice in every sentence, felt my burdens in every paragraph, and saw my experiences in every story. In short: I related SO HARD.”—Diana Ryu, Director of Operations


    Enfant Topgoop, $615

    atlantique ascoli X goop “I really want each and every one of these tops from the new Atlantique Ascoli x goop collaboration. The line is full of classic pieces that are season-less and complement my wardrobe.”—Laurie Trott, Fashion Director


  • Goop 15

    HOTEL SAINT GEORGE “I went to Marfa a few years ago, back when the magic of the town was that there wasn’t much there besides art and a smattering of really good shops and restaurants. The Hotel Saint George is the area’s first luxury property, and it’s a fancy minimalist’s dream. (Marfa Book Company, located in the lobby, is one of the best ways to spend the afternoon.) I’m hoping the town hasn’t changed too much; there’s a woman named Ramona who makes breakfast burritos out of her kitchen that rival anything I’ve had in Mexico.” —Noora Raj Brown, VP of Communications


  • Goop 15

    “I went to an event at STRIIIKE recently and all the girls were talking about how much they loved their ZIIP devices. I’m not typically one for gadgets, and I keep a pretty low-maintenance beauty routine, but decided to pay Melanie Simon, STRIIIKE’s electrical-aesthetician-in-residence—and ZIIP’s creator—a visit. She uses heavy-duty professional machines to create a personalized facial that uses nano-currents (translation: very tiny jolts of electricity to jumpstart cell-growth). The treatment lasted well over an hour, Melanie is incredibly smart and knowledgeable, and we talked about everything from the ending of Big Little Lies to how she got her start, and I re-emerged looking like I’d just woken up from a 100-year-long nap.” —Nandita Khanna, Editorial Director