Alexi Lubomirski for Tata Harper


Ask Jean

Jean Godfrey-June is our beauty director, but her enthusiasms are many.

I love a thick, rich, super-moisturizing moisturizer, especially in winter. But I first tried this one midsummer—it was hot, humid, full-on New York midsummer and still, it made my skin feel supple, firm, soothed, and dewy, rather than overburdened.

I was with the actual Tata Harper inside a yurt: I’d been at the goop MRKT in Amagansett talking clean beauty products with shoppers, and Tata’s nearby party at a house in East Hampton involved a sound bath—which seemed like the perfect way to unwind.

The familiar springtime-green bottle and jars were set out at the party, and though I’d been moisturizing and oil-ing and balm-ing all day with people, I could not resist a jar labeled “Creme Riche.” Tata’s genius is she attacks a problem—in this case, dry, tired, in-need-of-rejuvenation skin—from every angle. She takes every non-toxic, miracle-working botanical out there, exploiting every advantage within each one, and combines it all into powerhouse formulas that really work—and also just feel and smell incredible. The single-ingredient beauty product is not for her; this cream has a list spanning everything from probiotics and hyaluronic acid (the natural moisturizing factor in our skin) to algae, seed butters, beetroot extract, sixteen hydration sources alone, plus twelve age-fighting botanicals …whipped into the something that’s rich and delicate and super powered all at once.

The cream sank instantly into my skin, and it felt—silky, comforting, like wrapping myself in the softest, loftiest blanket. My skin felt elastic, even bouncy—instantly very happy.

I got into the yurt; everyone inside it was drop-dead gorgeous, and reclining on Berber-like rugs and pillows. (Fortunately, if I see a super-attractive person, I feel, erroneously but viscerally, equally attractive; it’s weird, but more pleasant than feeling, say, less.) Tata herself was looking beyond glowy and beautiful. I whispered that I’d tried her new cream. “Oh, I have it on too!” she said.

The sound people—perhaps the most gorgeous couple ever to exist on the earth, see them at the Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn—emerged and began. I was expecting ponderous clanging and gonging, but a (good) sound bath turns out to be more melodious and harmonious and gentle. What I loved most were these wide instruments that looked like tambourines that make a sound like rain falling—heaven.

Afterwards, transformed, none of us wanted to leave. Refreshed and renewed does not even begin to describe the feeling. But as fantastic as my mind and body felt, my skin felt even better: Nourished, soft, utterly comforted.

The cream stands up to cold, wind, and serious negative humidity (mountain air, desert air, airplane air). But even though it’s a brilliant fix for dry skin, it’s also pretty amazing for just-regular skin, under makeup, on its own, or right before bed. I also think it’s the perfect cream to swipe under-eye just before concealer (though of course that is a totally unauthorized, off-label use), even in the summer.