My All-Time Favorite Skin
Food Is Now Also a Lip Balm

Jean Godfrey-June Profile

Jean Godfrey-June is our beauty director, but her enthusiasms are many.
The green-tubed magic that is Skin Food from Weleda has been not just nontoxic but fully biodynamic for over ninety years, yet it still manages to be one of the all-time best moisturizers at any price, clean or conventional. (I swear that beyond its superpowered moisturizing, it gives my whole face an instant, firming lift.)

I want all Weleda products to come in the same alluring, borrowed-from-hot-’70s-boyfriend aluminum tubes (the brand makes a Salt Toothpaste that comes in a similar blue one, but that’s about it), and I also want to swim in Skin Food nonstop. I am now a step closer to both goals: Weleda has expanded Skin Food into a larger line, which includes a tub of cream that’s pretty spectacular but also includes a tiny green tube of Skin Food lip balm that is delightful in all respects. It smells like the incredible blend of essential oils that makes up the OG cream; it feels absolutely fantastic going on; it stays on, neither too thick nor too thin, a shield against cold and wind that’s faintly glossy and alluring; and it’s adorably miniature and brilliantly easy to locate, even in the jumble of a makeup bag.