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Getting Ready for Bed with
Gwyneth Paltrow

GWYNETH PALTROW | CEO and founder of goop

If it’s been a long day (and more often than not, it has), I need a nice, hot, G.Tox shower. First I do some dry-brushing: You can actually do this before or after the shower, but I like to do it before. I use our new dry brush, which is professional-strength, so it definitely does the job of exfoliation—and it feels so, so good.

In the shower, I use my two favorite products from the goop G.Tox line: The first is this incredible Himalayan salt scalp scrub. It’s this gorgeous shampoo with Himalayan sea salt crystals all through it, so it really scrubs your scalp clean while not drying out your hair. It’s an amazing shampoo. It’s different, and it’s just fantastic for your hair.

Our 5-Salt Detox Body Scrub is made with these absolutely beautiful oils and all kinds of salts, and it just leaves my skin feeling so smooth. It gives your whole body a beautiful glow—it gets you really clean but leaves your skin hydrated at the same time.

    I jump out of the shower, and I’ve got a little nighttime face routine. I start always with my Exfoliating Instant Facial. This, for me, is like a professional facial in a jar. It is so effective—you just have to try it. On the jar it says to use it only three times a week, but I use it every night.

    I leave it on until it starts to really tingle. What I like so much about getting a professional facial is how they always involve a couple of kinds of exfoliation. So when we developed this, we built in an acid-based, tingly exfoliation, and then also a manual exfoliation. So after it starts to tingle, I wet my fingers a little, and then I work in the manual exfoliant. I also always like to do what I call the third exfoliation—washing it off with a warm cotton washcloth.

  • Exfoliating Instant Facial
    goop by Juice Beauty
    goop, $125

    Depending on where I am and the time of year, I decide whether to use night cream. In the summer, I tend to use less, because we stay on the East Coast, and there’s nice humidity in the air. But if I’m in California, especially in the winter, then I need (and love) to use our night cream.

  • Replenishing Night Cream
    goop by Juice Beauty
    goop, $140

Some other things that I love to use at night are body oil or body butter. I really like the body butter by Beautycounter right now. Beyond that, I end the whole routine with a little lip balm.

And there we go, guys. It’s time for me to get in bed. This has been fun.

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