FORAH Everyday Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30: goop Editors Are Obsessed

Written by: Megan O’Neill


Published on: May 6, 2024


Megan O’Neill

Associate Beauty Director

I’m determined to look like a surfer—sun-darkened skin, floaty ocean-crinkled curls, the subtle poise of someone who rides waves—even though the ocean, as wondrous as it is (octopuses, the most incredible creatures in existence, are stirring around down there, after all), freaks me out to such an extent that I rarely even get in. Instead, I bask with a great book, spin cartwheels in the sand, or gaze out at the waves—always smoothed down in this magic mineral sunscreen from FORAH. It melts in invisibly—and I mean invisibly—vanishing into a dewy, botanical-scented sheen, and it’s loaded with skin-boosting organic sea buckthorn, cold-pressed jojoba, and sweet almond oils to counteract the sun’s moisture-leaching tendencies. The 100 percent recyclable yellow tube is casually cool and somehow so surfer. Because it’s mineral sunscreen, the only clean sunscreen—the active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—it’s safe for coral reefs, people, and my beloved octopuses. I keep a tube on the mail table by our front door and smooth it on my face and body, not to mention my three-year-old’s, before heading out. My husband now puts it on, too, and even my 71-year-old mom—who’s slowly coming around to the idea that sunscreen is a must, even if you’re someone who already keeps to the shady side of the street—is seduced by the cute tube and skin-smoothing results. (If you, too, are enchanted by octopuses, this is the most enchanting nonfiction book on them. They decorate their living quarters, change color, hold grudges, and are just so complicated and beautiful.)

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