Drink Up and Glow

Radiant skin involves multiple factors, from skin care to exercise to a colorful, plant-based diet. Though our individual needs are different, antioxidants are key for a glowing complexion. These extensively researched molecules work to prevent free radical formation (caused by environmental aggressors, like pollution and UV rays) from damaging, among other things, skin’s collagen reserves.

One beautifully effective way to treat skin with antioxidants is topical: True Botanicals Vitamin C and Antioxidant Booster, Vintner’s Daughter Serum, and Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, for example, are some goop favorites for flooding skin with powerful free radical fighters.

But a second route has emerged: Studies suggest that oral antioxidants have a protective effect on skin, too. Which is why we developed goopglow, a new, antioxidant powder that works essentially as drinkable skin care. “I don’t wear makeup most days, so I love this new way of taking care of my skin,” says GP. “It’s a healthy morning ritual that makes a serious difference in your skin all day—and long-term.”

The lemon-verbena-spiked powder is brilliant in the morning; it comes premeasured in individual doses, which are as easy to use as they are adorable to look at. (They’re also incredible for travel, not to mention gym- and makeup-bag-friendly.) They mix easily into water, and they taste refreshingly—addictively—citrusy and clean.

Infused with clinically active levels of vitamin C (an antioxidant proven to have sun-protective, brightening, and reparative effects), lutein (an amazing-for-you carotenoid also found in carrots that’s linked to skin and ocular health), and coenzyme Q10 (another powerful antioxidant crucial for preserving elastin and collagen), goopglow is designed to support your healthiest, glowiest skin, every day. It also works in sync with goop’s vitamin/wellness protocols, so there’s no worry about taking too much of any given nutrient; the two work in tandem for optimum nutrient levels for both skin and overall body health.

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