Dr. Few Skincare Clean Retinol: goop Editors Are Obsessed

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: March 28, 2024


Jean Godfrey-June

Executive Beauty Director

When you meet a client of top plastic surgeon Julius Few’s, you’re always a little taken aback—what would this dewy, fresh-faced person need with a plastic surgeon? As it turns out, Few is a master at obviating the need for (or at least long delaying) surgery with a stacking technique that layers less-invasive, synergistic treatments like lasers, Botox, heat and cold therapies, filler, thread lifts, and amazing clean skin care.

Few himself reminds me of his old friend (and med-school roommate) Sanjay Gupta in his open, energetic, curious approach to the world. Few is always experimenting with new techniques and approaches to surgery—and with less-invasive treatments, too, which he stacks to optimize results. And unlike many MDs, he fully recognizes the power of skin care used every day.

When Few’s patients loved the results they got with pure retinol on skin but not the redness and irritation that meaningful concentrations of retinol can cause, he started thinking. And, eventually, formulating and experimenting with a long list of skin-soothing botanicals, looking for ones that wouldn’t interfere with the retinol’s potency, and ultimately landing on a cocktail that involves peptides, green tea, olive oil, and more.

The result is results—retinol really, really helps improve the look and feel of skin, but you can’t use it if you’ve got too many side effects, and Few has managed to isolate the improvements from so many of the side effects. This amazing new serum-cream doesn’t turn your face red (most retinols give me a supremely unappealing red-face-pale-neck contrast). As in, problem solved: Wrinkles look smoothed, skin looks visibly firmed and evened, no red face—best skin ever.

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