Clean Beauty Swap: Taylor Carlson

Everybody’s busy. But few people make it happen at the level that goop’s Taylor Carlson does: Bouncing between coasts (she spends at least a week a month in Santa Monica, the rest of the time in New York or anywhere from Cannes to San Francisco for different client projects), Taylor pulls partnership deals together seemingly out of thin air. And invariably, they’re the kind of deals where everyone walks away thrilled.

Taylor’s pulled-together gorgeousness looks like it involves a team of hairstylists, makeup artists, trainers and personal shopper, but…it doesn’t. “I never end up going for blowouts or anything,” Taylor says. “There’s no time! I end up doing everything myself—it’s just easier.”

Her switch to clean beauty started when goop introduced skin care—as it did for many of us. “The skincare is amazing—and what it really did for me was give me a routine,” says Taylor. “I feel like when you simplify and get yourself into a strong routine, that’s when you really see a difference in your skin. So I’ve started down the road to swapping out everything to clean, and in the process created this routine I can depend on—even when I’m traveling all over the place. I think the key to good skin and hair is staying consistent.” Below, the clean routine that Taylor’s put in place–and sticks to. The results (above) speak for themselves:

“I’ve even gotten my sisters into clean beauty—we all love the goop Instant Facial!”

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