Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson Clean Beauty

Whether she’s on a svelte-ifying bone-broth kick; sailing into work in her new goop Label Emily Painter pants, K. Jacques sandals, and a chic Louis Vuitton Sofia bag from her days as an executive at LVMH; or explaining how the Instant Facial she helped develop gives her the most radiant glow, we’ll have whatever goop head merchant Blair Lawson’s having. The glamour co-exists peaceably with her “Excel-nerd self” (she’s a veteran investment banker and a Northwestern business-school grad), a bit of (extremely well-informed) hippie who established and maintains the clean-beauty standards for the entire site, a whole lot of busy-LA-mom (she’s got three kids, 6, 8, and 9), and a serious sense of adventure (she and her husband picked up and moved from New York to LA without jobs, for the lifestyle).

Clean Beauty

It was the job she took in LA, at Beautycounter, that gave her a crash course in clean beauty. “I was drinking the clean-beauty Kool-Aid almost from the minute I started there,” she says. “I was completely shocked to learn about the ingredients in personal care products and how little they are regulated, and just wished I had known it all sooner. I changed pretty much everything in the house as soon as I became fluent in reading labels and deciphering ingredients—even my kids are fully indoctrinated at this point—they’ll take it upon themselves to ask if something is toxic.”

Blair became equally fluent in clean beauty product development—and came to goop to create and launch our skin care line. In the process, she also created our Clean Beauty Shop, full of luxe, beautiful, exhaustively researched options. “Our standards for clean and nontoxic are strict,” she says. “We won’t settle for something less-than-healthy, and we do the research, so our customers don’t have to.”

A minimalist with makeup, Blair is a serious maximalist when it comes to skin care. Her glowy skin is absolutely what everyone notices first—that and the glamour, which Blair herself is charmingly unaware of: “I think the only person who thinks I’m glamorous is my mom–most people see the nerd!” Below, her fresh-face-guaranteed essentials:

Blair’s mini-me’s: Ryker,
Leland, and Angie.

The Shower

  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson Ursa Major
    Morning Mojo Bar Soapgoop, $14

    “My husband pitched a fit that we don’t have regular old bar soap in the shower, and I realized he’s right–it’s so much easier! This one smells mint-y and vaguely masculine–the perfect co-ed solution.”

  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson Beautycounter
    Sugar Body Scrubgoop, $40

    “A pretty simple combination of sugar crystals and really delicious essential oils. I’m obsessed with exfoliating–body and face–and if I can’t make it to the K-Spa for a good rub down, this does the trick! I love that it exfoliates and leaves my skin so moisturized and smooth, I don’t even need lotion after using it.”

Face Cleanse

  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson goop by Juice Beauty
    Luminous Melting Cleansergoop, $90
  • or
  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson Tammy Fender
    Purifying Cleansing Gelgoop, $50

    “I alternate between two favorite cleansers: I use goop’s Luminous Melting Cleanser when I want a gentle, moisturizing cleanse, or when I need help taking off makeup. I massage it onto my skin in circular motions and then take it off with a warm washcloth–I treat it like a mini spa ritual. If I’m breaking out, I use the Tammy Fender Purifying Cleansing Gel. It’s got this delicious spearmint scent and it leaves me feeling squeaky clean.”

  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson The Beauty Chef
    Probiotic Skin Refinergoop, $75

    “I’m obsessed with this probiotic toner. It smells a bit like vinegar and makes me feel like I’m feeding and purifying my skin as I tone.”


  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson goop by juice beauty
    Exfoliating Instant Facial goop, $125
    use with
  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson May Lindstrom

    “At goop we always talk about how we love to ‘feel the burn’ of the Instant Facial–it has six acids that take off dead skin—and I am no exception. It’s a hard-core, take-everything-off experience, and it’s the best. I love using a brush to put it on–I use this one–it really helps spread it evenly.”


  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson goop by juice beauty
    Enriching Face Oilgoop, $110
  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson May Lindstrom
    Blue Cocoongoop, $180

    “Again, I alternate! I’m a face-oil junkie, because I love the way it makes my skin glow. In the morning I use the goop face oil–the smell is divine, and it absorbs so easily. At night, I use May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon because, seriously, it’s like a hydration cocoon for my dry skin.”


  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson Beautycounter
    Dew Skin SPF 20 No. 2goop, $45

    “Beautycounter’s products were developed by a makeup artist, Christy Coleman; she really has a knack for creating the perfect product because she has seen and used it all! The name ‘Dew Skin’ is appropriate: it’s really hydrating, gives the perfect level of coverage to even out skin tone, and protects with SPF 20.”

  • Clean Beauty Swap: Blair Lawson RMS Beauty
    POP COLLECTIONgoop, $44

    “Finally, a TINY bit of makeup! I use this palette because it has a lip balm, lip and cheek tint, and a highlighter—all in one. You can pretty much put it on with your eyes closed!”

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