Baby-Soft Skin, No Matter Your Age

Baby-Soft Skin, No Matter Your Age

People often ask us whether organic, clean skin care can possibly be as effective as its big-name conventional-beauty counterparts. The answer is an emphatic yes—in fact, without all the fillers, texturizers, and artificial fragrances that cosmetic companies use in skin care, the clean versions often have higher concentrations of the active ingredients you’re buying them for.

A prime example is GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator: Made with four powerful microexfoliating minerals plus glycolic acid, it starts to work in seconds, sweeps away dead skin cells, dryness, roughness, makeup, sweat, sunscreen, and anything else that might be clogging pores or contributing to dull, lackluster skin.

After about two to three minutes, you’ll need to wash it off—just splash on some water, warm or cool—and you’ll immediately see the glow: smooth, soft, clarified, practically poreless skin. The results build on themselves as it becomes part of your routine, so skin becomes supple and more elastic, firmer, and smoother over time.

It’s like getting a facial at home, in less than three minutes. GP likes to do it every day; staffers with more sensitive skin use it twice or three times a week. Keep it in your shower for an especially simple rinse-off; once skin is patted dry, know that any product (from serums to creams) you apply directly after GOOPGLOW Microderm will give you more powerful results because active ingredients can penetrate more deeply. Truly, it’s made with ingredients so clean and effective that no matter what your age or your skin type—from dry to acne-prone—you should see a serious difference every time you use it.

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