Ask Jean: How Do I Stay As Youthful-Looking As Possible?

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Dear Jean, What should I be doing in my twenties to stay youthful long-term? —Claire B.

Not smoking, wearing sunblock and enjoying…looking young! One of the very best things about growing older is it slowly dawns on you that you’re actually attractive, and that your flaws are things no one notices, particularly, It’s a cruel trick of nature that it’s hard to appreciate how great your skin is when it is, in fact great. Even young skin with breakouts is glowy and fresh in a way that you’ll look back and marvel at later. Marketers of all ilks will tell you to start eye-creaming it up at 23, but they are generally…marketing. If you feel or look dry, moisturize—but piling on moisturizer just because you hope to not look old in 20 years…pile on the sunblock instead.

Sunblock—a non-chemical one., like Vive Sana SPF 30, is the key, truly. Chemical sunscreens degrade in sunlight (so the SPF you put on in the morning might not be there by lunch), contain known irritants (hence the breakout-causing reputation of SPF in general), are terrible for the environment (they damage coral reefs, for one), and most also contain the usual paraben/phthlate/roster that most conventional beauty products do. I especially love Vive Sana because it smooths in so easily.

I once took a continuing-ed writing class at the University of New Mexico; the age range was huge. It was definitely a living ad for sunscreen—Albuquerque is super dry, 5,000 feet above sea level, and super-sunny—but the even more glaringly obvious thing was they way you could clearly tell who smoked. Everyone had that tough-sun-whipped, Something About Mary-esque skin, but the people who smoked seriously looked like shrunken apple-head dolls. So…really, don’t smoke.

An anti-inflammatory (low sugar, low meat) diet helps, as does consistent exercise—there’s nothing like it for increasing circulation (a.k.a., keeping your skin glowy).

Pick a daily sunblock, sit back, and really appreciate being young—it comes around exactly once.