Ask Jean: Should I Keep Beauty Products in the Fridge?

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Dear Jean, I grew up with my mom putting her eye creams in the fridge—should I be doing this? And should I also be putting in myface oils, masks, etc?

A swipe of ice-cold eye cream is refreshing to some, and it will minimize eye bags±to a very small degree. Chilliness decreases swelling and irritation—which shows up around your eyes as puffiness and redness—but the amount of sustained cool you get from a bit of cream is minimal. A more effective puffiness-fighter would be one of those reusable plastic-gel spa masks you keep in the fridge or freezer, or even a thick straight-out-of-the-fridge cucumber slice; either will stay cold longer than eye cream, which warms on contact. (All of these solutions are torture for me, the person who likes to be warm: Despite significant undereye circles and puffiness, I’ll put on something deliberately cooling only when it’s high-90s or above, temperature-wise.)

Storing clean and all-natural beauty products in the fridge for preserving reasons does make sense—but only if the product is one you don’t use frequently. Without toxic preservatives like parabens, clean products have the potential to turn more quickly than conventional ones, but most are made with natural preservatives that keep them fresh for a fair amount of time. A great face oil or a fantastic shampoo you’re going to want to use practically every day, so you’ll probably use it up long before it has the potential to go bad (plus, oils shouldn’t have any water in them); a mask, on the other hand, might be more every-once-in-awhile, so the fridge might make sense. Likewise natural fragrances, if the bottle’s a large one. But for the most part, refrigerate only if, unlike me, you relish the idea of a cooling beauty product touching your skin.