Ask Jean: Is Looking Young As You Age Just Genetics?

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Dear Jean, Is looking young as you age basically about genetics—and plastic surgery? Does lifestyle really make a difference?Thanks, B.

It always makes me laugh when people marvel that beautiful women still look amazing as they age: “She looks amazing and she’s…!” If you’re a genetic freak of beauty when you’re 20, you’re most likely going to be out-shining the rest of humanity, looks-wise, when you’re 64.

That said, think of what drugs or alcohol or a lifetime of smoking can do to a person’s face. The short answer is: Yes, lifestyle can make an incredible difference, negatively and positively.

One of those genetic-gorgeousness freaks is the designer Norma Kamali. If I could look like her when I’m 70…well, I’m going to try: she’s bursting with energy, her skin is dewy and supple and beyond glowy, her eyes twinkle, her hair shines. I want what she’s having, and since I can’t have her genetics, lifestyle.

Facing East, Kamali’s book (out now!), is a collaboration with Dr. Jingduan Yang M.D. her longtime physician and it is full—full of good, easy, totally do able ideas from every tradition of thought: East, West, all. She addresses nutrition, happiness, exercise, personality, temperament—all. It’s an incredibly fun read and if you have a look at her 70-year-old plastic-surgery-free self—I promise, you’ll be sold.