How Podcaster, Content Creator, and Mom Amanda Hirsch Gets Her Skin Glowing

Written by: Emma Brophy


Published on: November 16, 2023


When she’s not interviewing some of the most famous people in the world, Amanda Hirsch is often playing with her three-year-old son in a New York City park. And it was becoming a mom that propelled her into entrepreneurship and her current career, delivering unfiltered takes on Hollywood as well as her own life.

As she juggles brand meetings, podcast interviews, filming for Instagram, and researching what’s happening in pop culture in order to comment on it, Hirsch keeps her daytime look simple. “I keep my makeup minimal,” she says. She focuses on maintaining glowy skin and hydrated, natural lips.

• • •

“I didn’t think I’d ever find the perfect exfoliator until I tried this one. It’s like an at-home facial, and the scrub is real. It feels like the dirt comes right off and you’re squeaky-clean after using it. I use it two times a week and, honestly, if I could ignore the rules of exfoliating, I would use it every day.”

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    Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator
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“I was never a foundation girlie, but I am a serum foundation girlie. Everything ILIA makes is amazing, and I especially love this serum foundation: It’s lightweight yet full coverage and gives you the most incredible glow. What more do you need? Maybe just mascara—and concealer.”

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    Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40
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“I’ll admit it: I was influenced by TikTok—like, mega influenced. I saw everyone who’s anyone (mainly Hailey Bieber) using the Kosas concealer, so I had to try it. And honestly, I haven’t looked back. It’s lightweight and noncakey, looks great under the rest of your makeup, and is super easy to apply. I feel like a pro using it—and I’m far from a makeup pro.”

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    Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer and Daytime Eye Cream
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“I’m obsessed with lip stuff. If I had to choose one part of my face to continuously apply product to, it would be my lips. Dry lips? The worst. This balm nourishes but also moisturizes. The clear creates such a fresh, clean look, but I love to add some color with the Rose and Garnet shades, too. The packaging is so chic and looks straight-up fancy. Purse perfect.”

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“I try to avoid using heat on my hair, and I’m also terrible at styling, so I stick with air-drying and wash my hair two or three times a week. I love a good hair oil, and I’m not afraid to use one.”

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“Summoning all the Barbie-obsessed girlies: This baby-pink top is a jaw-dropper. It’s chic yet professional, a little risqué but conservative. Is it giving quiet luxury? I think so.”

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